Friday, August 21, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: Actually, we're gonna look ahead...

Will keep this short. Party to prepare for...


Just because. First person to name this sumptuous thing gets a prize.


Did I mention this was a party week? 8/20:

Good afternoon, Beijing. Here is the Saturday party bus schedule and route.
~~5:45 p.m.: Pickup in front of Propaganda / 7-11 in Wudaokou. To get there by subway, take Line 13 to the Wudaokou station and walk south on the road adjacent to Pizza Hut (NW corner), Lush (SW Corner) and the bookstore (光合作用 O2Sun). Mike Shyu is the point man for this pickup (phone: 13520973981).
~~6:30ish p.m.: Pickup at McDonald's in front of Ginza Mall at Dongzhimen. Take Line 2 subway to Dongzhimen station, exit C. Jeff Orcutt is your contact here, 15910769472.
~~7:15 p.m.: Arrive at Hong2 Liang2 Zhou1 Dian4 Restaurant (宏良粥店). Second floor is all for us. Set menu and all-you-can-drink Yanjing courtesy of Beijing Ultimate.
No. 24 Xinjiekou East Ave. (Dongjie)
tel: 83286998
~~9:30ish: 15 Hao Yuan (15号院), Sandy's cousin's bar in Houhai. Discounted draft beers and mixed drinks. (Thanks, Sandy!)
No. 15 Deshengmen Nei Ave. (Dajie) East (Dong) Alley (Hutong)
(300 meters West of Kongyiji Restaurant)
Tel: 66123320
~~11:30ish p.m.: Ginkgo Bar for live American bluegrass from the Redbucks, which is Chris Boehner's band.
199 Andingmen Nei Da Jie, Dong Cheng District Beijing, China 100007
~~1ish a.m.: SANLITUN! Basically, whoever's still alive will get rounded into a club and stripped of all remaining dignity. But in a good way.
You'll be responsible for finding your own way back. As always, Beijing Ultimate is not responsible for lost possessions, bodily injuries, wounded egos or broken hearts, though Betsy's awfully good at mending the latter.
Remember, transportation and dinner is free for all who have paid half- or full-season summer league fees (which include finals) AND ALSO FREE for those paying the one-time finals fee (RMB 60 / 30 for local Chinese students).
If you're bringing non-Frisbee friends, please let us know beforehand, as space on the bus is limited. We ask they pay RMB 25 if dining with us at the restaurant.
Please pay Tao or Jeff.
And a final reminder that Beijing Ultimate Summer League finals is THE FOLLOWING DAY, Sunday, beginning at 1 p.m., with 1-seed Alchemy taking on Catcher in the Sky and 2-seed Hello Sexy facing Alph the Sacred River. If you haven't signed up for summer league but would like to
attend finals, LET ME KNOW (reply to author) if you haven't already.
Sunday bus leaves Dongzhimen (exit C) at 12:15 p.m., or alternatively you can organize your own carpools from Dawanglu (exit B). Expect to be on the field until 7. Bring water, jerseys (still available for sale for RMB 80), your game face, anti-hangover pills (which don't work) and cleats. If by chance you've a direct line to the big guy upstairs, do us a favor between now and then and pray for sunshine.
Let's make this weekend so memorable that we forget what happened.
Over and out,
Beijing Ultimate Committee

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Lincoln: you're better off being a blowjob machine salesman
Betsy: lincoln honey,
this is a family show. it's called a bafflegab machine.

Kevin: And thank you, Mr. Ngoc, for providing this forum with relevant
content. Got any suggestions for the SATs?

Lauren: i forget who is monitoring the group now. can we make sure Mr. Ngoc takes
their business elsewhere? It boggles my mind how google, the saint of all
saintly group interfaces, could allow this kind of bafflegab to happen.
honestly now.

Doc: he's been banned.
be careful, or you might be next. that's right tao, i'm talking to you.
Tao: I got one of those blowjob machines. It's called Betsy's mom.
Kevin: Oh my. Tao: I'm not sure if this was the right time to tell Alicia
about this. Then again, you are pretty smooth, I'm sure you've got it
under control.
Andy Young: The question is, will this affect his frisbee skills?
given, that machine might reduce some forearm strength

Daniel Enking: Reading these posts makes my day (is that sad?). Keep it coming guys.

HONORABLE MENTION: Me, for calling Betsy a cocksucker on Monday and getting the post censored.

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