Monday, January 5, 2009

Beijing Big Brother in Hong Kong

This is from the official party of the 11th annual Pan-Asia Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Hong Kong, October 25, 2008. As you'll learn soon enough, Beijing has quite the reputation at these sort of events.

(Props to Kevin Reitz for taking the footage.)

The longer version of this video -- basically the same as above, except bookended by bonus scenes -- can be found here (lesser quality due to the extended length).

Shanghai won "Best Performance" for its rendition of Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat, but were they really better? You decide.

The next day, Big Brother easily won its quarterfinals matchup before prevailing on Universe Point in semis against Ringers of Fire; then lost 15-12 in finals against the Philippines' Sunken Pleasure.

Matt Knowles -- a.k.a. Shaq Fu, the guy going nuts in the extended video's bonus footage -- won tourney MVP.

A character not included in the cast credits but very much should be, played by Toder (see if you can spot her in the video):

More still-frames:

Sorry, Care Bear.

Sipping raspberry Smirnoff out of a straw is even more disgusting than raspberry Smirnoff itself.

More pictures here (from Tim ORourke, previously linked).

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