Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RETROSPECTIVE: 2008 Beijing Ultimate Summer League champions

Go Blue Yourself, captained by Kevin Reitz and Happy Rat (shirtless)

Monday, June 29, 2009

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Beijing's newest cutie

Ken Dry and Steph Kwan's fox terrier, Adie Kwang, two and a half months old.

Friday, June 26, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: Summer league!

It's been announced and it's gonna happen, starting with the hat tournament at Happy Valley on July 5 from 2 to 6 p.m. Contact Anthony Tao (me) if you're interested (and why wouldn't you be?).


From Mike Shyu's dinner party today


Updated announcement:

Hey everyone,

A lot of people have asked how to register, and the answer is in the newly uploaded file called "BUSL 2009 registration form." Just fill that out and send it back to me. (If you send electronically, instead of circling you can just italicize or highlight your choices or something.)

If you're going to be at the hat tournament on July 5, we'll have printouts of the form there.

Also, shirts will probably cost RMB 80, so put this number in place of the "TK" on the form. Remember though, shirts are included in the half- and full-season prices.


Thursday, June 25, 2009


More leftovers from Shanghai:

Who's Alicia taking a picture of?


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beijing Ultimate Summer League 2009 - the first Google Groups post

July 24 post

The Beijing Ultimate Committee presents...


We're going to kick things off with a hat tournament on July 5, which is two Sundays away, at the HAPPY VALLEY fields from 3 to 6 p.m. For those who were here last year, we're on the same fields again -- check Google Groups' FILES for directions and a map (file name "004_Happy Valley location.pdf," posted by Jason Cox). Carpools will be organized next week, so keep an eye on the boards for that and more info as it becomes available.

Here are the essential need-to-knows:

There will be FOUR TEAMS captained by:

- Alicia and Kevin (who captained the winning team last year)
- Candice and Xiaozhi
- Kelly Yang and Mike Shyu
- Margaret and Tao


- July 5: Hat tourney
- SUMMER LEAGUE DRAFT (teams will be selected and announced shortly thereafter)
- July 12, 19, 26, Aug. 2, 9, 16: Regular season games (two-cycle round robin)
- Aug. 23: Finals / party (food and all-you-can-drink beer)

(Regular season: 3 to 3:30 p.m.: warmup/drills; 3:35 to 4:50: game; 5 to 6: pickup)

FEES (local students get a discount, thus the second number)

Full: all 8 weeks, including hat tourney, 6 regular season games, finals/party AND shirt: RMB 280 / 140
Half: 3 regular season games plus finals/party (but no hat tourney) and shirt: 150 / 80

Hat tourney: 50 / 25
Single regular season game: 40 / 25
Finals/party: 80 / 50

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're unable to attend the hat tourney, where most of the registration stuff will be handled, be sure to send me a note by replying to this post (reply to author, not all) so that we know to put you in the player pool for the draft.

Get excited, Beijing. All are welcome, including those who have never played Frisbee before. We have an excellent group of captains who are as dedicated to teaching the game and nurturing the sport as promoting fun and competition.

Expect updates all throughout the week leading up to the hat tourney next Sunday.


Beijing Ultimate Committee

Linlin with the translation:


本次联赛第一场比赛以Hat Tournament(抽签决定小组成员)的形式开始,将在下个礼拜日(7月5日)从下午3点到6点,在欢乐谷附近的那个 场地举行。和去年咱们夏季联赛的地方一样,没去过的去过的都可以在Google Groups' FILES (网页右上角的连接)查到场地的地图;是Jason Cox上传的图片,文件名是"004_Happy Valley location.pdf"。关于去场地的班车以及其它信息都将在下周陆 续公布,请大家随时注意查看本论坛信息。

1 本次联赛共4队,队长分别是:
- Alicia和Kevin (去年的冠军队队长)
- Candice和小志
- Kelly(杨燕)和 Mike 徐
- Margaret 和 Tao

2 联赛安排
- 7月5日:Hat Tourney(抽签小组赛);联赛征兵 (Hat Tourney之后,队伍成员就决定啦)
- 7月12、19、26号以及8月2、9、16号为常规赛事(将进行两个轮回)
- 8月23日:决赛和聚会(聚会提供美食美酒)
- 每周的赛程安排:3点到3点半热身;3:35到4:50比赛;5点到6点为pick up

3 费用(所有中国学生将得到折扣,请你们查看第二个价格)
- 如果参加整个联赛:共8周,其中包括hat tourney,6次常规赛,决赛加聚会和一件队服,须付280元,140元(学生价)。
- 参加半个联赛:3次常规赛,决赛加聚会(但是没有第一周的hat tourney)和一件队服,须付150元,80元(学生价)。
- Hat tourney:50元,25元
- 单次常规赛:40元,25元
- 决赛加聚会:80元,50元

- 本次联赛的注册分组等事宜将在Hat Tourney决定,所以如果你无法参加hat tourney,请提前回复我本人(不是回复所有的人),以 便给你安排好队伍。

- 同志们!我们欢迎所有想玩飞盘的人,即使你从没有玩过!我们的队长都是相当优秀的,他们会很耐心的教每一个人,也会让你感到和大家一起比赛的乐趣!

- 要随时查看Hat Tourney前本论坛的更新!



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

RETROSPECTIVE: *clap clap*

Beijing as Doozers in the hotel just before the Shanghai Saturday night party; for more, see Kevin's blog.

Monday, June 22, 2009

WEEKEND ROUNDUP addendum: Claire of Shiok losing at Titanic

Pictures in the previous post.

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Banned from another all-you-can-eat restaurant

Actually, we didn't completely wreck Jiu Yuan, a Japanese all-you-can-eat (and drink Tsingtao) restaurant near the Agricultural Museum, like we did Alishan Hotpot during the Bang gangster party. Jiu Yuan is where Big Brother had its post-tournament team dinner Friday night, and while a drinking game probably wasn't necessary, there's nothing like a good round (or eight or nine) of Titanic to liven the moods:

More pictures from the night:

Joe's back still hurts.

Afterwards we crossed the parking lot and entered an old bus renovated into a bar. It's called Bus Bar and is known for, among other things, a hangout for drug dealers.

We only danced though.

Friday, June 19, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: Shhh... Beijing is going to Singapore

Don't spread the word just yet because 1) it's not official, and 2) we don't want Asia getting all atwitter.

But Singapore, August 8-9: expect to see us there. Especially as we're still the defending champions*.

PICTURES OF THE WEEK: How a group photo is taken, by Helen Shyu (from Shanghai)


Sinapore !
by Lincoln Cheung:

Hey tournament enthusiasts,

I know we're still basking in the gong show that was last weekend in Shanghai. But im bored at work and did some research about Singapore !

So , the tournament is August 8th - 9th (in singapore), the last time Big Brother went as a team they won ! If they could do it , its probably pretty easy to go in there and dominate which is always fun in my books. And if that doesnt go to plan , we could just go and win the party award again.

SO getting there: I've concocted a dirt cheap way to get there (but requires Friday and Monday being taken off work for those who actually have 9-5 jobs)

so Friday: Train to tianjin, fly tianjin to kuala lumpur, fly KL to singapore ! - leave beijing around 6:00 amam get to singapore at 3:30 pm

and returning : leave at 9:00 pm , and arrive back in beijing the following morning for 7:05 am.

this is all for 1486 RMB as of yesterday !!!!!!!!!!!!! TAX INCLUDED !!! (+ train cost to get to tianjin, but i think thats like only 20 kuai round trip)

now thats a pretty good deal.

anyways, im not even sure if im going yet - but several people have exprsesed interest

aaron and his girlfriend andrea is going for sure, in fact aaron has told me "he would love to tear sh** up in singapore" ....of course he does , and i hope he means on the field and not anywhere else

Its still early but express your interest , opinions and grievances here !


*From 2004

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Brother pictures from Shanghai

Some photos courtesy of Steph Kwan (e.g., above) and Kevin Reitz

More pictures here and here.