Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: New people in Beijing, Wuhan date change

For everyone who hasn't gotten their visa changed to accommodate the Hong Kong tournament on October 24-25 (you know who you are!), do it now! The team's shaping up to be a good one.

The important announcement of the day is that the Wuhan tournament, previously a hat, is now going to be an open tournament held on November 6-7. Beijing Big Brother will be going.

Friday, September 24, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: Singapore Open game pics, and music tonight

The 12th annual Singapore Open tournament is officially in the books. Read the write-up and check out the pictures and videos from the China Ultimate website here.

Beijing Big Brother, as you may have heard, participated in the tournament. We lost all our games Saturday, won the party, then beat two teams on Sunday to take a tie for fifth place. Not bad at all, considering our undermanned (and womaned) roster.
vs. Mixed Nuts, L 11-6
vs. Shiock, L 13-1
vs. Hong Kong Junk, L 11-9
vs. Freakshow, L 12-4

vs. Young Knights, W 12-10
vs. Mo'chi, L 12-6
vs. Disc Knights, W 9-7
Pictures from the Saturday party will be posted on Wednesday. You'll want to stick around to see 'em. For now, your PICTURES OF THE WEEK are from the tournament itself:

From this Facebook album


Actually an email from Steph Kwan on Sunday, 9/19:

Hi all,

My birthday's on the 25th and I'd like to celebrate with ya'll the day before with hotpot and a Redbucks show. Details below.

Friday, September 24th

6:30PM: dinner at Heng Ji Taiwanese Hotpot (
8:00PM: Redbucks @ Jianghu Bar

Followed by a reply from Jeff Orcutt:

Kinda sucks that my band has a show on the same night then...

Translation: music tonight!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RETROSPECTIVE: Faces of Big Brother from Dalian Open 2010

The Dalian Open tournament happened two weekends ago, and below you'll find some of the pictures we promised. Both those links, by the way, have more pictures of interest.

From this Facebook album.

Monday, September 20, 2010

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Early results from Singapore Open 2010

A competitive and fun tournament in Singapore recently concluded with Mixed Nuts, a team from the Philippines, winning the championship a year after an iteration of that same team lost three straight breaks to lose on universe point in the finals.

Pictures and more commentary to come, but for now, results from Sunday [update, 9/24: all official results are on the Singapore Open website]:

(1) Mo'chi (Japan/Taiwan) def. (8) Big Brother 11-5 (? ... maybe 6) [update: it was 12-6]
(4) Mixed Nuts (Philippines) def. (5) Disc Knights (Singapore)
(3) Freakshow (Singapore) def. (6) Hong Kong Junk 11-8 [update: 10-7]
(2) Shiock (Singapore) def. (7) Freakshow Prime

Mixed Nuts def. Mo'chi 11-10 [update: 12-11]
Freakshow def. Shiock

Mixed Nuts def. Freakshow 17-14

Big Brother beat Disc Knights in the consolation, 12-10 [update: apparently it was only 9-7], to claim a tie for 5th place.

Congratulations to these Big Brother players (and I name them because the team was small enough for me to do so):

Mike Shyu
Matt Mueller
Pat Li
Chris Yeoh
Liz Lin
Jen Brown

*With the results pdf, we can confirm that Big Brother's game scores were:

vs. Mixed Nuts, L 11-6
vs. Shiock, L 13-1
vs. Hong Kong Junk, L 11-9
vs. Freakshow, L 12-4

vs. Young Knights, W 12-10
vs. Mo'chi, L 12-6
vs. Disc Knights, W 9-7

POSTSCRIPT: And apparently Jehan broke his hand when Nina landed on it playing beach Ultimate. Sigh.

Friday, September 17, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: Preparing for Singapore

Beijing Big Brother's sending a team to Singapore, and Ken Su will be representing the city as well on last year's defending champs, Mo'chi. Results, pictures and recap after the weekend, when I'll be on Singapore's free, unrestricted and fast hulianwang.


Ovid and Ziggy, Beijing Ultimate's newest cats (Tao and Alicia's):


From Sandy Wang, Beach Ultimate/ Beach Volleyball, 9/14:


For everyone who wasn't able to make it to Singapore this weekend, we have a great alternative.

Beach Ultimate! or Beach Volleyball!

The pools no longer have water, but the sand is open and plenty of space for 2 beach fields for ultimate. There are also 2 beach volleyball courts. Basically first come first served. If we get there around 11-12 and with a large group it'll be ok. There is no one there except for those playing beach volleyball. Its all open space. There is a space for soccer, but we can move the goals. There is 2 large areas we can set up for 2 courts.

So pull out your speedos and bikinis, buckets and spades, and bring a picnic for the day. You can buy drinks there (but pricey) and there is an area to wash off the sand.

*Where: *Chaoyang Park - Beach Park 沙滩娱乐园

*What:* RMB 30 for the whole day (if you pay at the park's main gate, when you purchase this ticket you do not need to pay the regular RMB5 park entrance fee).

*When: * this Saturday 11am.
*We can have a little beach tournament (4 on 4)if we have enough people. Let me know if you are interested, We already have enough people for one team.*



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RETROSPECTIVE: Summer league via Mandy Yeung

These are from Mandy Yeung's 200-picture Facebook album, ultimate madness =)

It got pretty ridiculous during the YMCA:

"and this picture will be the end of the most fun ultimate season i've had in a very long time. a great big thanks to all the new ulti friends I made in beijing and for all the hilarious times =) It reminds me of a time when it didn't matter to me whether we lost or won but as long as we all just had fun =D and i certainly had the time of my life =D thaaaaanks!"