Monday, April 19, 2010


The recap of Tianjin Open 2010 is now available on the China Ultimate blog. Here's the synopsis for you Beijing Ultimate followers:

Gareth Marshall injured his hamstring on the first point of the first game on Saturday -- a 11-9 loss to Tianjin Speed (technically our first game was an 11-0 win over Maple Leaf High School, but that doesn't really count) -- and sat the rest of the weekend as the following squad --

Pat Li
Jeff Orcutt
Caleb (until he split his ear not quite halfway through finals)
Jesse (Saturday only)
Baby Girl (Sunday only)
Jehan (Sunday only)
Tina Xue

-- won the tournament.

In the semis we beat Shanghai 11-9 in a hard-fought game (we were down 3-1 to start). In the finals we beat a very game, very competitive Tianjin Speed squad by the same score. It was a bit testy at times, but it was finals, and it's been so long since Big Brother last won anything...

Joe Pellicano and Matt Mueller made for an invaluable cheering squad. (Betsy will have more to say about Joe a bit later.) Matt, with Gareth and Baby Girl, also won the party for Big Brother, which means we won both the party and the tournament. Awesome.

Our prizes:

Beijing Bang finished fourth after losing to Huwa in the 3rd-place game.

Big Brother game scores:
vs. Maple Leaf: 11-0
vs. Speed: 9-11
vs. Bang B: 11-3
vs. TEDA: 11-2

vs. Five Star: 11-1
vs. Shanghai: 11-9
vs. Speed: 11-9

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