Friday, November 19, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: It's Jeff Orcutt week

If you don't know, Jeff is leaving us after the weekend, which means we're doing everything we can to make him miss us so much that he'll be back in six months. To wit:

Friday night: BCD, Fubar, Maggie's... for Jeff.
Saturday morning: brunch at Wally and Maria's... for Jeff.
Saturday night: Sultan's for dinner, then the bars... for Jeff.
Sunday morning: brunch at Chef Too... for Jeff.
Sunday night: dinner at Ken and Steph's, with Joe and Baby Girl cooking... for Jeff.

Now, Jeff, don't be an asshole and leave.


Until people start sending me the pictures they take, you're going to get cat pictures. Sorry, but cat pictures are the shit.

Before the man goes silent (on this blog, at least) forever... Jeff Orcutt, 11/16: parting is such sweet sadness (not sure that's how the original quote goes, but whatever):

Hey y'all,

This is my last week in Beijing. You know what that means. In addition to much rejoicing from the ultimate frisbee community over my departure there will be a going away party. Please block off a space on your calendar from 8:00pm Friday evening until 4:00am on Saturday morning.

Plans have not been finalized, since I am tired of planning stuff (read: ideas welcome), but there is a kind of fitting symmetry to ending at our favorite BCD restaurant next to DZM. Please stay tuned to the list serve for confirmation on the details.

I have also heard rumors about visiting a certain bar that sells hotdogs out front as I have never been there in the five years I have lived in Beijing.

I hope to see you all there and since many people don't check the list serve please spread the word.

I will miss you all so come celebrate with me!


P.s. I have two months membership at the Powerhouse Gym at DZM's Kenzo/Ginza mall for sale (what a location). Please contact me if you are interested.

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