Friday, June 26, 2015

Big Brother 2014-15 Season-in-Review Slideshow

We haven't done this in a while, have we? This is the Big Brother Ultimate Year-in-Review Slideshow for 2014-15, made by Tao and Alicia. For more information, please check out Big Brother's Facebook page.

Big Brother players who attended at least one tournament:

Aaron Leung
Nitai Deitel
Alicia Lui
Anthony Tao
Alex Ornik
William “Ginny” Perry
Peter Behr
Jarred Mihalik
Kevin Reitz
Jeffrey “Drunkbus” Kessler
Brendon Schramm
Sam Dreiman
Matt Sheehan
Michael Austin
Jared Getzoff
Adam Lerman
Ken Su
Jonathan Wright
Mitchell Sayasene
Ivan Xu
David Libo-on III (Dada) 
Jeffrey Rodriguez 
Dominic Famorcan (Baboy)
Udo Lam
Evan Kornbluh
Alex Lindahl
Theo Glauch
Quoc Tran
Daniel Tremblay-Sher
Caroline “C-Chow” Chow
Esther Moss
Sarina “Sarz” Zhou
Hannah Lincoln
Zhang Wen
Katie Lepak
Lin Lin
Dana Fong
Kelsey Bilek
Zoe Berling
Jillian Bowzer
Helen Lu
Charlie Blair
Mikaela Koke
Danielle Connelly

And here's the video on Youku:

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