Friday, January 15, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: Beijing 2010

It's a New Year for Beijing Ultimate. What can you expect in the new decade?
  • More drinking
  • More debauchery
  • More Jim
  • Am I being redundant? Then I am being redundant.
  • More Betsy
  • More pictures with an upgraded camera
  • More tournaments
  • More parties
  • More of the same, and different
  • And above all, more championships. We're calling it. You're on notice, Asia Ultimate.


BCIS on Wednesdays from 7 to 9, the best pickup in town


2010 is a new year for Betsy too: The Random Winter E-mail from Betsy, 1/15:


betsy cannot stand by any longer. she will not tolerate the public defiling of this great network of information that she alone has built and nurtured since the dawn of the internet. is she not even allowed a few months of peaceful solace to bronze her perfect suppleness in the south pacific paradise and be chased by glorious, rich, chiseled man-men? does she have to do everything around here?

apparently so.

RANDOM ITEM #1: The Weekly Schedule

Every Wednesday, Pick Up, 7-9, BCIS
Every Sunday, Pick Up, 1-3, Dulwich

betsy would like to point out that the pick up schedule is subject to change at alicia’s slightest whim. it is recommended that you check the group site every hour up to the day of pick up, and several times per minute in the final hours.


now is the time in the random email when betsy gives her shout outs and call outs. remember, you want to get shouted out, but you don't want to get called out. this week, everyone is either called out or shouted out. betsy offers a handy tool to determine which category you are in.

a shout out everyone who attends winter pickup.

a call out to everyone who does not attend winter pick up. no excuses*. examples of unacceptable excuses are listed, but not limited to, the following:

• it’s too cold.
• i have work to do.
• i’m out of town.
• i’m really lazy.
• i’m really fat.
• i have class.
• i teach class.
• i have no class.
• sandy won’t let me.
• my newborn baby needs me.
• i’d rather play caps.
• i’m too busy stroking my mandolin.
• i moved to kunming.
• my girlfriend is visiting.
• i have a boyfriend now.
• i don't really play, even in the summer.
• it’s too expensive.
• dulwich is too far from the subway.
• bcis is too close to the subway.
• i miss barbie too much.
• i broke my ankle/arm/hand/foot/back/wrist/neck.
• i sprained my ankle/shoulder/wrist/neck/knee.
• sunday is the lord’s day.
• wednesday is hump day.
• i’m always too drunk at that time.
• five ultimate shorts make me look fat.
• i’m new to beijing.
• i’ve been in beijing too long.
• i don’t live in beijing.
• i don’t like playing indoor.
• my man-boobs are embarrassing.
• i’m in sri lanka.
• i'm in sri lanka showing off my man-boobs.
• dulwich is too early in the day.
• bcis is too late at night.
• jim is too fast.
• everyone else is too slow.
• there aren't enough hot guys coming out.
• i already have plans.
• i’m sick.
• i'm embarrassed to shower next to gareth.
• i have a date.
• i prefer foosball.
• i have to see avatar every week at those times.
• i’m blogging.
• betsy hasn't been sending out the reminders.

*acceptable excuses are limited to the following:

• i’m spending a few months of peaceful solace to bronze my perfect suppleness in a south pacific paradise while being chased by glorious, rich, chiseled man-men.

catch you on the field,

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