Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goodbye, Happy Valley fields (new location for hat tourney on Saturday)

We received word earlier this week that are trusty fields at Happy Valley are being demolished. Very sad day for Beijing Ultimate. We'll have a retrospective of Happy Valley up next week.

In the meantime, disc goes on, and Saturday's hat tourney / clinic has shifted to a new, very temporary location (we're scouting grass fields for summer league).

The address:

Beijing Chaoyang Sports Fitness and Leisure Park
No. 77 Yaojiayuan Road, Chaoyang District
朝阳体育中心, 姚家园路77号

We're on the TURF fields.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beijing Ultimate Summer League 2011 Registration + July 2 Hat Tournament and Clinic


Hakuna Matata, Beijing Ultimate, cause it's summertime, meaning the 5th annual Beijing Ultimate Summer League (BUSL), themed "Once Upon a Summer in Beijing," is upon us.


We're kicking things off with a July 2 beginners/intermediate CLINIC (noon to 1 pm, FREE) and hat tournament (1-5 pm) at Happy Valley (directions below). One van will leave from Dongzhimen at 11 am (15 rmb), with another bus leaving at noon (15 rmb).

If you're interested in the clinic, please email Alicia (see sidebar for address). The clinic will be separated by gender, with the focus being on BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE women.


This year's SUMMER LEAGUE will be six weeks, with an extended final week for a 3rd-place game and finals (free unlimited beer will be available that day (Sat., Aug.13)). All games will be at Happy Valley (directions below).

Those interested in summer league (please see PRICING below) need to send me an email with the following information by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, July 6 (but sooner the better):

--BUSL PACKAGE (full season / half season / single games)

1: No throws at all
2: Can complete 10-yard passes using backhand OR forehand (but not
3: Can consistently complete 20-yard passes; think I can huck, but
been told before to "holster it"
4: Can huck backhand or forehand, but not both
5: Can huck accurately backhand and forehand


1: Quite slow and out of shape, maybe play one point every three or
four points
2: Can run around; rec-league-type Ultimate player
3: Former basketball player-type, in fairly good shape but not
accustomed to Ultimate-level sprinting
4: Understand fundamentals of Ultimate cutting and can get open most
of the time
5: Just put it, baby


Here are the PRICING schemes (there are discounts for local Chinese students ... email for more information):

--July 2 hat tournament:: 50 rmb
--Single regular season game (7.9, 7.16, 7.23, 7.30, 8.6): 40 rmb
--August 13 Final (with unlimited beer): 60 rmb
--Official summer league shirt: 60 rmb

PACKAGE deals (all the following INCLUDE A SHIRT):

--Full season + hat tourney: 250 rmb
--Full season w/out hat tourney: 220 rmb
--Half season (choose any three weeks) + hat: 150 rmb
--Half season (any three weeks) w/out hat: 130 rmb

We are currently working on securing sponsorship for a party, but as of now it's not in our budget. We do, however, have a bus that will take us from the fields on the final day to a restaurant, then to Sanlitun.



July 2, noon-1 pm: CLINIC; 1-5 pm: HAT TOURNAMENT
July 9, 2-5 pm (time tentative): BUSL Wk 1
July 16: BUSL Wk 2
July 23: BUSL Wk 3
July 30: BUSL Wk 4
August 6: BUSL Wk 5
August 13, noon-6 pm (tentative): BUSL Wk 6 + 3rd place game + FINALS


Here are directions for HAPPY VALLEY fields:

Take East Fourth Ring Road going south and tell driver to get off at the Shi Ba Li Dian Qiao exit (十八里店桥), i.e. Exit No. 16. At the first bridge, i.e. Shi Ba Li Dian NORTH Qiao (or "qiao bei"), make a U-turn. You'll then want to make the 2nd right*, i.e. turn into the neighborhood with a huge arch that says "Xiao Wu Ji Village Welcomes You" (小武技村欢迎你). Go down that street about 600 meters and make the first left (where there's a street). The fields will soon become visible on your left

*Some say it's the third right, but one of the rights leads to a department store-like structure. Doesn't count in my book.


Questions/concerns, my name is Tao.


北京飞盘你们好!夏天到了,我们将开始第五年的暑假联赛。今年的主题是: “曾几何时的北京暑假“。


你要是有兴趣参加培训,联系Alicia. 培训份男女,重点是初级/中级女队员。



--NAME (名)
--GENDER (性别)
--BUSL PACKAGE (full season / half season / single games) (全季,半季,单次)
--THROWING ABILITY (1-5) (扔盘能力 1-5)

1: 一点都不会
2: 只能扔反手或正手10码
3: 能常常完成20码)
4: 能反手或正手长传
5: 能准确的长转反手和正手

--ATHLETICISM (1-5) (运动能力 1-5)

1: 有点慢,体质差,每三四份只能打一份
2: 还可以跑
3: 体质不错但不习惯飞盘的短跑
4: 会切,而且常常有空间接盘
5: 只扔我就能接



单次收费7月9,16,23,30日,8月6日: 40元
暑假联赛TSHIRT: 50元

全季+帽子比赛: 250元
全季不加帽子比赛: 220元
半季[可选任何三周)+帽子比赛: 150元
半季[可选任何三周)不加帽子比赛: 130元



7月9日 2-5点:联赛第1周
8月13日,中午之6点: 联赛第6周+三四名比赛+冠军比赛


从东四环往南走,在十八里店桥出口(16号)出去。然后在十八里店北桥掉头。 走大概800-900米,看都“小武技村欢迎你”的大的拱门右转,走大概600米,左转然后很快看到场地。


Sunday, June 26, 2011

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Kevin's band, his band, his band

Newly rechristened Loveseat, Kevin and Jon Kelly played a two-hour gig at Luga's on Saturday night, and it was pretty great. Short video clip here:

It was also Sam's birthday. His face newly rechristened after a bar fight, Sam got, predictably, wasted once again.

On Friday, some kids had a naked party. I won't go into details.

On Sunday, we went to the pool at Chad's. Our winnings from the Nanjing Open have officially been (well) used.

Friday, June 24, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: Getting ready for a full weekend

Tomorrow, Jehan performs in improv, and Kevin's new band has a gig. This week: we all tried avoiding getting sick, though some failed.

Tuesday, a bunch of Big Brother ladies, in celebration of their season, "got awesome" at Enoterra's ladies night.

Dray and Tory continue to terrorize Beijing -- Great Leap, Yunnan restaurant, El Nido -- and the biggest thunderstorm Beijing's seen in several decades washed through last night. Trivia still got 42 people though. Amazing.


This month -- around this week sometime -- Ovid and Ziggy turn one.


Kevin, 6/20:

Hi Everyone,
My new band *loveseat *has its first gig, Saturday June 25th at Luga's Villa. 11pm - 1am. We're a groovy duo, and make a big, funky sound with limited resources. If you're a fan of Autobots, Deploy!, you're gonna love this.
Come check us out!

Doc, in reply to Lauren's post titled: "LAUGH! Last show of the summer, this SATURDAY. Reserve seats NOW":

last show of the summer? the summer started four days ago!

Monday, June 20, 2011

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Frisbee golf at Chaoyang Park and a post-Shanghai BCD

Now that the summer season's over, we get a few weeks to rest and relax.

Saturday was a chill day, as they say. First, Frisbee golf from Chaoyang Park's west gate:

Tom in the water... but no stroke penalty???

E in the water

The evening's boozy Chinese dinner at our normal place, with battle caps:

Some people went out to Sanlitun until the break of dawn. Kids will be kids, and Kevin.

Friday, June 17, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: Shanghai wrap-up

Big Brother will have a boozy Chinese dinner (BCD) tomorrow to celebrate the end of its spring/summer season, which ended with the team -- you may have heard -- winning Shanghai Open last weekend. Kevin Reitz has recently posted a blog about the event titled "How Beijing Owned Shanghai in 2011." The party was his "Opus."

Meanwhile, Gina of Korea and Zahlen visited this week, and Korea's Dray and Tori are in town.


From Zahlen and Gina's Wednesday "BCD" at Dongbeiren Restaurant (not a real BCD cause the restaurant took away our caps).


Some of the better pictures from last weekend of Big Brother came from Vince of Shenzhen, who, in addition to the GIF linked to below, also got a nice GIF of Ginny's layout D and Pia's layout. He also took these photos:

Dray's poach D

Jim a bit late to help on Dray

Ginny and Zahlen

Tao D'ing some Korea guy

Gareth catching it on Derek Ramsay in the finals

Rumor has it that Stallion took about 800 pictures on Mike Shyu's camera. It remains to be seen whether those are better than Vince's.


Marshall Wang, who someone got this before any of us in China (6/15):

SUBJECT: Have ya'll seen this?

The full point:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

RETROSPECTIVE: Video of the Big Brother vs. Team Philippines finals from Shanghai Open 2011

Not every point is included, but nearly every one. Thank you, Wanda!

Click here for the entire playlist of 25 videos.

The prettiest point:

Alex's grab of Tao's huck:

The final point:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alicia's newsletter's first words: CONGRATULATIONS TO BIG BROTHER...


The usual: Wednesday 8-10pm on outdoor astro turf fields at ZhiChunLu.
Directions: Take subway line 10 / 13 to ZhiChunLu, exit from G1 and the fields will be about 100 meters to the right past the chuanr stands.
每周三晚上8-10点在室外知春路玩pick-up. 知春路地铁站出口G1然后走路大概100米

For June, our pick-up fees are:
Single session: RMB35
Four sessions: RMB120 (upfront payment, cannot carry over to July)
Five sessions: RMB135 (upfront payment, cannot carry over to July)
四次: 120元(不能在七月用)
五次: 135元(不能在七月用)

For details, visit

***Events and Happenings***

This week:
- Check out Jim and Tao's Quiz Night at Kro's Nest. 8pm onwards, every Thursday. 35 Xiaoyun Lu with prizes to be won after every round.

Coming soon:
- Summer League! We are looking to start Summer League the last weekend of June. Details will be emailed out later, so stay tuned. Last year we had close to 100 people signed up!

1) Hong Kong Tournament: Oct 22 - 23

1) Pyongyang Hat Tournament: THAT'S RIGHT! YOU DID READ CORRECTLY! ULTIMATE IN NORTH KOREA! August 25 - 30. Dray from South Korea is organizing this. Check out details on facebook (or at the bottom of this email)!/event.php?eid=143488965716804
2) Singapore Tournament: Sept 17 - 18

***Farewell and Welcome***

If you have any announcements you would like made to the community, email Alicia ( before Sunday of each week so we can include in these weekly updates.


*Ultimate Frisbee in North Korea. The most interesting sports thing you've ever done.*

The cost will be 890 Euros. This includes flights from and back to Beijing, tourist stuff Saturday and Monday, pizza, all other food that isn't pizza, hotel, fields, entertainment. Visa fee (not optional, 50 Euro) and ticket to the mass games (optional, but would be weird not to go: 80, 100, 150 or 300 Euro options) will be extra. North Korean microbrewed beer will be extra, but cheap. (and good)

The itinerary includes two full days and three nights of touring. The tournament is a one day hat. We leave Beijing early Saturday and return early Tuesday. Participants should be in Beijing by Friday afternoon in order to collect visas get final info at Koryo Tours.

All nationalities except South Korean can participate.

Write an email to if interested in attending and want more info.

If you know you're in, write and ask for the necessary forms to get it going.

It ain't cheap, but it will be amazing. We're looking to get deposits by June 30th.
Tentative Itinerary for Ultimate Frisbee Tour*

Thurs 25th Aug Pickup in Beijing - Introduction to "Extreme Pollution Ultimate", dinner at Dong Bei Ren Restaurant (Not included in tour fee)

Fri 26th Aug Briefing/Collect Visas at Koryo Tours office in Beijing

Sat 27th Aug N/A Arrival by Air Koryo flight from Beijing at 14:20, Fountain Park, Mansudae Grand Monument, Kim Il Sung Square, ARIRANG MASS GAMES

Sun 28th Aug Taesongsan Park for Frisbee Tournament, picnic lunch Frisbee tournament, evening trip to Kaeson Youth funfair, dinner at Korean restaurant

Mon 29th Aug Juche Tower, Mansudae Art Studio, Pyongyang Metro (extended ride on the subway), Arch of Triumph, USS Pueblo, Pizza Restaurant Lunch FRISBEE CLINIC AT LOCAL MIDDLE SCHOOL. Paradise Micro-Brewery, Foreign Languages Bookshop, Farewell dinner at Duck BBQ restaurant, evening Karaoke option.

Tues 30th Aug 09:00 Air Koryo Flight to Beijing. End of tour.

Monday, June 13, 2011

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Shanghai 2011 champions: Big Brother!

Big Brother ended a seven-year winless drought at international tournaments by winning Shanghai Open 2011, trailing only once all weekend (in the semifinals vs. Korea). The team from Beijing beat Team Philippines 15-10 in the finals, with its O-line committing only three turnovers all game (no breaks). Tao was selected finals MVP along with TP's Pia Ybanez (who has a tag on this blog because she's visited Beijing before), and Lauren Reed, for her O-line handling, was selected onto the Mythical Seven team.

The top three plays of the weekend (as selected at a team party on June 18 (this part is backdated)):

3. Kevin at the party (see below)

2. Alex's layout on Saturday vs. Team Philippines ... the first point, he decided he'd layout about chest high for a score.

1. Christian's defense in the end zone vs. Korea on Sunday. Big Brother was down 6-5 (and before that, down 6-4) when Christian pulled it, then sprinted 80 yards to D the first throw. Tao proceeded to throw a break score to Micah after a timeout to tie the game as part of a 9-1 run for Beijing, which eventually won 13-7.

Brother's three captains deserve praise: Jim Kirchhoff, one of the team's founders; Gareth Marshall, in his second year leading BB; and Mike Shyu, whose diplomacy, line-calling and stat-keeping were first-rate.

There are four Facebook albums currently up with pictures: Sunday, pt. 1; Sunday, pt. 2; Party pt. 1 (Big Brother Presents: Once Upon a Time Prom); Party pt. 2 (Big Brother Prom Photobooth).

More pictures to come in the coming weeks.

vs. Korea:

vs. Team Philippines in the finals:

One of Tao's four assists in the game to go with three goals.

Big Brother, which has a history of dominating Shanghai parties, went into this year's extravaganza, themed "Once Upon a Time," determined to not just "win," but win so convincingly that IF the party award went to any other team, the entire idea of a "tournament party" would be exposed as a farce.

Big props to Kevin Reitz for this idea: to rebrand the party as Big Brother's prom (themed "Once Upon a Time Ultimate Prom"), effectively Shanghaiing the event (pardon the expression). He printed up banners and we prepared a dance, a musical playlist, spiked punch and a king/queen ballot box.


Alas, Shanghai decided a team could not win both the tournament and the party. But Zahlen put it best (paraphrasing): "There's a difference between 'winning' a party and 'owning.' They haven't invented an award for owning, yet."

But they should. It would be called the Big Brother Party Award.

Here's Kevin on Sunday morning:

Friday, June 10, 2011

The time is now

Shanghai, here we come.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

RETROSPECTIVE: Big Brother at China Nationals 2011

Picture by Neal Jones

The following pictures by Michelle Tang:

Picture by Neal Jones: