Monday, April 25, 2011

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Nanjing champions ... Alicia selected Mythical Seven at Jeju

Big Brother won the first-ever Nanjing Open over the weekend, and across the way on the island of Jeju, Alicia was selected to the Mythical Seven team for her dominating performance at the Jeju Dirty Dozens Tournament.

Tao (that's me... yeah) performed admirably (if I may say), accounting for 5 of the team's 7 points in an 8-7 opening-game loss to 1-seed Gold Star (3 assists, 2 goals) and 6 of the team's 7 points in the quarterfinals on Sunday. That performance, however, was marred by a point block on universe point -- by Zahlen -- which resulted in the game-winning point for Kim Jong-Illin'.

vs. Kim Jong-Illin' in the quarterfinals on Sunday

vs. Clown Punch in the 5th-place game, i.e. consolation finals

Kevin Reitz most definitely won the party, pictures of which are so good that we're going to show you on Friday. Yes, you will have to wait for it. (Or read about it here.) He also tried to win the party by schmoozing with everyone and doing a couple beer bongs and assisting on several others. He and Tao also staged a wrestling match. Yeah. How Kevin didn't win "best mustache" is beyond everyone's ken. It is ludicrous and outrageous. There should be several people feeling very ashamed this very moment. UPDATE: Here.

Rob Hogg and Jenn Brown played on the B-Pool-winning team at Jeju. Jenn Brown also won that pool's female MVP.

And Zahlen, he of Five Ultimate and a Beijing Ultimate alum, was also selected onto the Mythical Seven team.

Oh, and of course ... YJ Tan of Beijing was on the runner-up team, Whisby Nation...

...which lost to Iku in the finals:

In the end, it was a Yoshio love fest:

UPDATE: See Nanjing party pictures here.

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