Friday, April 1, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: I'm leaving Beijing

Happy April Fool's Day, suckers.


Well, this isn't going to mean much to anyone else, but it means the inverse-proportional amount of that to me, so here it is (the downside to having me run the "official" blog of Beijing Ultimate -- other than the fact that I have no discretion when it comes to pictures of all of Beijing Ultimate's lovely people -- is you have to put up with the occasionally self-indulgent post) ... my grandmother celebrated her 82nd birthday earlier this week at Shaguoju, a restaurant near Xidan:

Happy birthday, Nainai.


The price of spamming the Big Brother listserv is my response. To wit:

Mike Shyu, 4/1, 1:14 pm:

Hey guys,

Sorry for the spam, but I'm looking for an english teacher for the office.

2-3 classes: Entry, Intermediate and Advanced
Total number of students 15-20 (split among the three classes)
Availability between 8:30-10:00 or after 17:00. M-F. Some variations on that.
Classes can be 60/90/120 min long. I leave that to you to schedule the classes and make the curriculum.

Can be flexible to accommodate your disc schedule. Ie pickup/practices and weekend tourneys.

If you have any questions you can ping me or talk with Babygirl (he did this before). If you are interested, hit me up.


Me, 1:25 pm:

I know your kind, Mike. Only hire white faces despite their inferior resumes, lack of training and buttery stench. Asians need not apply, indeed.

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