Monday, November 29, 2010

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Three days of disc in Manila

The biggest tournament in Asia (excluding Japan), Manila Spirits, concluded yesterday, with Big Brother winning the 9-pool (9th place) after two grueling days of disc -- not counting that third day, Friday, when the men and women won tournaments with their respective teams, China United Ultimate Party and Hong Kong Junk. Ken Su of Ken Su fame led his mixed team, Ninja Cowboy Bear, to the quarterfinals of the A bracket.

Big Brother lost its first two games, to Shiock and Sexual Chocolate, before rebounding with a two-point win over Extreme. In a strange "cross-over," which was an illogical reseeding of teams based on pool-play point-differential, Big Brother played Sexual Chocolate again in the crossover, losing 11-9.

On Sunday, Big Brother rolled SProaches, a team of several Sunken Pleasure players, and beat Korea handily to reach the finals of the B bracket -- where it played Extreme, again. (To give you an idea of how messed up things were, Sexual Chocolate played Shiock -- beating them on universe point -- in the A-pool quarterfinals.) Big Brother won 15-12.

HHH won female MVP of the B bracket, while Nicki Fung was honored as a B-pool Mythical Seven selection.

Tao and Zach Fanders got medals for executing a greatest. Zach also got one for his costume, which we'll show you in the days to come.

Baby Girl was given the Big Brother team disc by Jim (on behalf of Joe) for his outstanding play all weekend.

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