Friday, March 11, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: "Who quizzes the quizmasters?

Tao and Jim are being quizzed by some folk over at Global Times. See below for Tao's responses in Part 1 of this ongoing feature.

Meanwhile, Kro's Nest Trivia has officially UPGRADED. We're now in the spacious back dining room, where yesterday the team that always wins LOST the chug-off.



On the Big Brother listserv, Ellen's subject line:

[Big Brother] Tao's dark, blank, sexy eyes?

...with simply a link to this article in Global Times.


Name: Anthony Tao

Age: 26

Quiz: Kro's Nest

Amount of years in Beijing: This is the start of year four, though the answer is 10 if you count the time I spent in Beijing for the first 5.5 years of my life and subsequent summer visits.

Strengths: Ultimate Frisbee

Weaknesses: Approaching women sitting by themselves at cafes

I'm running a quiz in Beijing because: It's fun

How come no girls run quizzes? I'm sure they do in the privacy of their double-x-chromosoned coteries, along with plotting to outlive men and take over the world.

How do you rate the competition? My only competition is myself, so...depends on how much I've been drinking.

How do you rate your chances? 100, if you're talking about with your mom. Unless she's at a cafe right now.

Specialty subject: Baseball

Our odds: They call him "Tao." But that's his name. It begs more questions about the man than it answers, and we were already baffled by his ability to consume table-sized discs of pizza on a weekly basis while still remaining so streamlined. Is there a potential dark horse lurking behind those dark, blank, sexy eyes? We think there might be. 8-1

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