Friday, September 18, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: Preparing for Dalian tournament this weekend

During National Day preparations? Not always a good idea...

Jeff Orcutt:

The fact of the matter is that it is China and nobody really knows what is going on and even if they (they being whoever) truely knows at some point that doesn't mean it will not change as it is implimented. It also doesn't mean that every location will be operating under the same rules.
Basically, yes, they can close down the city to pedestrians. If they want to. the basic problem for everyone is going to be crossing Changan jie, where the parade practice is going to be held.
Since the subways are closing down at 4:00 I think that the streets won't totally close down until then and maybe a little after (I saw 17:00).
Since it is China be very friendly with the guards and if you get stuck just keep trying different intersections and guards until you find some that will let you through. Or just make sure you are south of Changanjie by 16:00 or 17:00.
I am going to leave a little bit later since I am feeling ill and need a nap (I know, gumpy old man). On the way to work in a cab this morning I saw that Changan jie was closing at 17:00 (that is what it said on the signs over the second ring road, again, not necessarily the truth). So I am going to get in a cab at around 4:00pm. Worse case I have to drive to the fifth ring road to get around Changanjie.
Be vigilant and leave plenty of time (two hours is more than enough time) but don't freak out and expect body cavity searches.


Oh, Ellen...
You do want to leave earlier since they will be setting up over there. A colleague of mine got trapped in his house last week when it was surrounded by tanks.

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