Friday, September 11, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: Return of the...

Tianjin, here we come! Beijing Ultimate is leaving the confines of Sixth Ring Road tomorrow for a friendly at TEDA Maple Leaf International School in Tangu, Tianjin. Details about the trip after the weekend.

This is your week in review.


Welcome to Beijing, Amy and Liz. (The guy on the right is Justin.) And welcome back, baijiu game!

A few minutes after this video, Jehan would say "baijiu" on his own accord, without prompting, to much laughter. Poor Jehan. Um, I mean, bai wine. I didn't say it!


Ever wanted to live in a hutong? Contact Missy Rock:

Hello all –

If you know of anyone looking for housing over the next few months, please pass along my information.

I'll be leaving Beijing around mid-November and would love to sublet my place to any interested parties.

My renovated pingfang home in a hutong neighborhood south of the Drum & Bell Towers, east of Houhai and west of Nanluoguxiang, is complete with its own yard and rooftop scenic patio. The place would be perfect for 1-2 people, a couple, good friends, and so forth. There is a main bedroom that gets great sunlight, has a queen sized bed, dresser and closet. The living room is also furnished with a couch, coffee table, small bookshelf, two end tables, two smallish sofa type chairs, and some other wooden chairs. There is a third room that is somewhat a cross between an office and a bedroom and can serve as either or both depending on your needs. Right now my roommate has a single twin-sized futon bed in there along with a couple other pieces of furniture. Blankets, sheets, pillows, etc… are also available if you need them.

There is a good sized kitchen (fully furnished with pots, plates, water and wine glasses, medium-sized oven & blender) and bathroom (western style toilet and shower curtain that separates the shower from toilet and washing machine area of the bathroom). The yard is totally quaint – complete with date tree. A ladder leads up from the yard to the roof where you can watch the neighbors across the alley exercise their pigeons on a daily basis.

My place is centrally located – and close to bus and subway stations. There are veggie markets, fruit stands, small mom & pop restaurants, and bigger shops all nearby as well.

The place is officially available starting November 15th. But it's possible I can find someone to sublet for 1 month (into mid-December) if this timing would better suit your needs (however I would need to set that up ASAP, so contact me right away if you are interested but can't move in until mid-December). Or, conversely, if you're in need of a place somewhat earlier, I can arrange to move out by November 1st.

Rent is 5000 rmb/mo + utilities (which include electric, water/sewage and internet).

Please feel free to contact me if you're interested!

Cell: 13717760232


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