Friday, October 16, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: We are not philistines after all

Backdated 10/21

To prove that Beijing Ultimate people are cultured after all, a group of us, thanks to Ellen, went to see Midori perform at Beijing Concert Hall on Friday, i.e. today. Here's a review in the Beijinger's blog that includes Kevin, Hsing-Hui, Michael Chaitkin and yours truly. (If you haven't figured out this is backdated yet -- maybe the words at the top didn't give it away -- you will when you see the tbj post is dated Monday, 10/19).


She signed my program! (Photos by Kevin and Michael, respectively)


Bill Aidan, setting up a weekend Ultimate Frisbee clinic for Tianjiners and locals, 10/11:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Beijing Ultimate Community,

Tonight, after a rousing practice, the team returned west for a convivial dinner party. Dishes were ordered in triplets and beers were bought by the dozen (mathematically sound). Although merriment certainly abounded, it did not prevent us from having an important meeting regarding this coming Saturday's Ultimate Clinic (SUC). Here's the plan:

*Saturday - 10/17 - 10am until late*
10am - Gather, warm up, practice stations
12:30pm - Lunch
1:30pm - Practice stations
3:00pm - Games
5:00pm - Leave, dinner, party

Many of the logistics have have yet to be determined; we hope to play at the ISB fields, but Jeff will found out more about that tomorrow. Depending on the location of the fields, we will determine the location of lunch, dinner, and the party. Look out for details from Jeff in the future.

A survey of the table revealed that Bill, Gareth, Jeff, Jim, Ken, Mike, Sandy, Alicia, Tao, Joe, and Baby Girl will be there (11) and Ellen and Kevin may come too (2). Our hope is that all of the Beijing Ultimate Community will come (Big Brother, Bang, Air Kazak, Hang Time, and anybody else who is playing out there; tell your friends) in addition to Tianjin. If we do get all of these folks to come out, we could be looking at between 100 and 150 people. It will not be a small event.

We hope to separate this vast number of attendees into multiple general groups and (probably) one advanced group. The general groups will rotate through the following practice stations:

- Throwing
- Marking
- Cut-to Drill
- Dump Drill
- Elimination Huck Drill
- Horizontal Stack Flow Drill

...while some volunteers have expressed interest in running particular stations, we will wait to assign stations until Saturday. If you find one of these subjects particularly exciting, think about how to portray your knowledge of this skill to a large audience with varying ultimate abilities, varying language abilities, and short attention spans. Even if you do not end up volunteering at a particular station, you can still discuss the topic with whomever will.

The advanced group will focus on the follwing topics:

- Handler offensive and defensive tutorial
- Cutter offensive and defensive tutorial
- Zone - volunteers play different zones against the attendees and talk about strategies. Perhaps we can do this after lunch.

..and finally, after all of this practicing, we will play games for a couple of hours. We will keep people in their original groups and play two or three simultaneous games in accordance with the skill levels of the groups. There was talk of trying to get a women's game together too; do we want to do that? Any ladies want to spearhead this and discuss the world of women's ultimate?

After a long day of ultimate, we will have a giant dinner (details TBA) and glorious party to top off the event. Many attendees from Tianjin will probably want/need to spend the night in Beijing so, if you have a couch/space at your house, please consider hosting our guests.

So, in the mean time, things to consider:

- Logistics: field location (hopefully ISB for free), lunch location, dinner location, party location
- Practice station fundamentals and teaching techniques. Other ideas for stations?
- How to overcome language barriers?
- Party: where? bar? house party? what do drink? beer? liquor? Tibetan barley wine? what to eat? chuar? fang bian mian? bing? what to do? boat races? scavenger hunt? music? apparel? use your imagination.
- Can our guests from Tianjin crash at your place?
- Tell your friends to come.

...OK Beijing, that's all I've got for you. Stay classy.


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