Monday, October 19, 2009

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Beijing hosts an Ultimate Frisbee clinic

Backdated 10/21

Last month a group of Beijing Ultimate players traveled to Tianjin to put on a clinic (pictures, videos), which was so well received that Tianjin decided they wanted to do it again, this time in Beijing.

On an absolutely gorgeous autumn day, we hosted students from Tianjin Sport University and TEDA Maple Leaf, along with local players and newcomers to the sport. It was a success thanks to the efforts of Jeff Orcutt, Bill Aidan, Gareth Marshall, Alicia Lui, Jim Kirchhoff, Andrew Shen, Sandy Wang, Lauren Reed and several others, who found fields, drew up the schedule and organized drills for the beginner, intermediate and advanced.

In the end we went to our regular BCD restaurant and partied like we always do.

Videos to come later.

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