Friday, November 20, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: In commemoration of Doc

Doc appreciation week(end) begins today.

Doc Tobin, aka Doc, has been one of the biggest figures in Beijing Ultimate history, a bulwark of the Beijing Ultimate Committee during good times and bad and co-founder of Big Brother (one of two original BB players still active, in fact -- Jim Kirchhoff is the other). If you want a good idea of the man, check out his award-winning party ideas for Big Brother's tournaments, several of which we'll revisit over the weekend.

After seven years in this city, Doc is moving on Sunday to Kunming to continue his adventures as a writer (novelist and blogger) and web-comic extraordinaire.

We salute you, Good Doctor, and wish you the best.

Betsy will miss you especially.


Doc, 11/19:


i'm giving away free stuff starting tonight. this has nothing to do with the fact i'm moving to kunming, since we all know that's not really happening. i'm just feeling particularly generous.

among the stuff i'm giving away:

clothing (dapper)
giant tupperware
a stuffed tiger
an orange boa
my virginity
a cowboy hat
every party costume from the past 8 years (minus orange jumpsuits)
a scooter
a bicycle helmet
badminton rackets and shuttlecocks
the singapore open 2004 championship cup
a raison d'etre
a kansas city royals hat
a sewing kit
a tent
a couple of mattress pads

i am also selling two items for well below market value:

a canon printer, with a brand new printer cartridge, unopened. 100 rmb (the cartridge itself was 80)
a tv table from ikea 250 rmb (originally 800)

this stuff is going on a first come first serve basis. don't email me asking to save you stuff, unless you are willing to pay for it. you can show up here, jamie and ryan's apt, anytime after ten tonight. i'll be here all day tomorrow as well and a lot of saturday. but whatever hasn't been claimed by then, i will be giving to the bike guy downstairs.


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