Friday, May 28, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: Our Shanghai costume idea

The greatest ever, as always. I'll let Betsy take it away:

it is time.

here is this year's party theme for shanghai, as decided upon by me: LARP

as all of you closeted (or not so closeted, toni tao) nerds out there already know, LARP stands for live action role play. basically, it's a cross between dungeons and dragons and civil war reenactment. our adventuring party will be LOTCR. if you don't know what this stands for, ask joe. he won't let me spell it out for you on the group.

betsy, in her benevolent goodness, has gone ahead and assigned costumes to most of you, along with what key props you will need. candice, hsing-hui, jeff and kevin will be coordinating a trip to the fabric market/tailor this weekend. i haven't bothered to keep track of who made the team and who got banished so if your name isn't on here, it's because betsy doesn't think highly enough of you to bother remembering who you are. half of you still don't even know who i am so what do i care:


matt: S&Meagol key prop: ring, fish
betsy: the invisible girl key prop: invisibility
jim: gay thor key prop: tiny hammer, jean shorts
toni: pink unicorn/centaur key prop: that damn horse costume, painted
pink, plus horn
barbie: vestal virgin key prop: white, riding on tao's back
jeff and kevin: jolly minstrels key prop: jollies
hhh: dark wizard key prop: black
sandy: apothecary key prop: lots of little bottles
joe: horny hobbit key prop: hairy feet
baby girl: gay conan key prop: sword, loin cloth
gareth: gay viking key prop: viking hat, sword
doc: gay wizard key prop: hello kitty wizard robe and
hat, toning down his gayness
chakkkchaidandfnan: drunk friar key prop: shaving his head, jug
brian: historian key prop: quill pen, journal
jehan: the king key prop: crown, robe
candice: the queen key prop: crown, robe
jenn brown: xena, the warrior princess key prop: sword, xena outfit
alicia: torture mistress key prop: whip, leather
caleb: torture victim key prop: gag, rags
therese: wench key prop: cleavage
joel: gay robin hood key prop: green tights, bow and arrow
mike shyu: horny harry potter key prop: glasses, broom, sweater, british
patrick: dungeon master key prop: cape

party game:

at the party, we will distribute a bunch of playing cards with spells on them. these spells will have both an activation that the card holder will need to perform in order to use the card, and an effect that will have to be done by the person who the spell is cast on. the spell then gets handed over to the person who the spell was cast on, and they can use the card themselves.


*lightning bolt* activation: shot of beer effect: shot of bai jiu
*fire ball * activation: shot of beer effect: one of those fiery drinks from this weekend.
*slow* activation: ? effect: move in slow motion for five minutes
*animal shape* activation: ? effect: act like an animal of the caster's choice for 5 minutes
*expo yourself* activation: three other spell cards effect: remove one article of clothing

so we need suggestions for more spell cards. i think ten different ones will be a good number.

what needs to happen in the next few days is that the costumes have to be finalized, and a group needs to be gathered to go get everything at the markets. this is going to take some teamwork and coordination. betsy can't handle everything for you. take some initiative.

doc will handle getting the cards made in kunming. but he needs the spells settled upon by the end of this week.

if you don't like your character, and you have a BETTER idea, feel free to change, but let us know asap.

if you have questions, respond all to this email. or contact matt flynn at


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