Monday, June 7, 2010

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Shanghai Open 2010 wrap-up

Big Brother finished tied for 3rd at Shanghai Open, going 2-2 on Day 1 and then losing in semis to eventual champs Korea, 13-4, on Day 2. See the China Ultimate blog for more details.

Big Brother results:


vs Tianjin, W 11-7
vs Southwest China, W 10-9
vs Shiock, L 6-8
vs Shanghai HuWa, L 5-11


vs Hong Kong, W 11-4
vs Korea, L 4-13

Congratulations to Jim, who was selected onto the Mythical Seven all-star team. He's in line with Alec, here:

Then he and Joe and Panoy of Sunken Pleasure (tourney runners-up) did this:

Danced in one pair of shorts. Five Ultimate, where would we be without you?

And Big Brother, as LARPers, didn't win the party because...? (Amos and his Southwest China team danced three straight hours in diapers...)

Video to come. It was entertaining.

And we would be remiss without mentioning Beijing Bang, which, without either Ken Su or Mike Shyu, finished 2nd in the C Pool on Day 1 and lost in pre-quarters on Sunday to Tianjin Speed.

POSTSCRIPT: Congratulations to me, who had a greatest on my first point (down 2-1 to Tianjin Speed), then followed with a toe-the-line catch for score; a Callahan in Gm 2 and a layout catch for score on Universe Point; and a stomach virus. Yes, a stomach virus. Let the correlation or causation debate begin.

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