Friday, September 17, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: Preparing for Singapore

Beijing Big Brother's sending a team to Singapore, and Ken Su will be representing the city as well on last year's defending champs, Mo'chi. Results, pictures and recap after the weekend, when I'll be on Singapore's free, unrestricted and fast hulianwang.


Ovid and Ziggy, Beijing Ultimate's newest cats (Tao and Alicia's):


From Sandy Wang, Beach Ultimate/ Beach Volleyball, 9/14:


For everyone who wasn't able to make it to Singapore this weekend, we have a great alternative.

Beach Ultimate! or Beach Volleyball!

The pools no longer have water, but the sand is open and plenty of space for 2 beach fields for ultimate. There are also 2 beach volleyball courts. Basically first come first served. If we get there around 11-12 and with a large group it'll be ok. There is no one there except for those playing beach volleyball. Its all open space. There is a space for soccer, but we can move the goals. There is 2 large areas we can set up for 2 courts.

So pull out your speedos and bikinis, buckets and spades, and bring a picnic for the day. You can buy drinks there (but pricey) and there is an area to wash off the sand.

*Where: *Chaoyang Park - Beach Park 沙滩娱乐园

*What:* RMB 30 for the whole day (if you pay at the park's main gate, when you purchase this ticket you do not need to pay the regular RMB5 park entrance fee).

*When: * this Saturday 11am.
*We can have a little beach tournament (4 on 4)if we have enough people. Let me know if you are interested, We already have enough people for one team.*



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