Friday, September 24, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: Singapore Open game pics, and music tonight

The 12th annual Singapore Open tournament is officially in the books. Read the write-up and check out the pictures and videos from the China Ultimate website here.

Beijing Big Brother, as you may have heard, participated in the tournament. We lost all our games Saturday, won the party, then beat two teams on Sunday to take a tie for fifth place. Not bad at all, considering our undermanned (and womaned) roster.
vs. Mixed Nuts, L 11-6
vs. Shiock, L 13-1
vs. Hong Kong Junk, L 11-9
vs. Freakshow, L 12-4

vs. Young Knights, W 12-10
vs. Mo'chi, L 12-6
vs. Disc Knights, W 9-7
Pictures from the Saturday party will be posted on Wednesday. You'll want to stick around to see 'em. For now, your PICTURES OF THE WEEK are from the tournament itself:

From this Facebook album


Actually an email from Steph Kwan on Sunday, 9/19:

Hi all,

My birthday's on the 25th and I'd like to celebrate with ya'll the day before with hotpot and a Redbucks show. Details below.

Friday, September 24th

6:30PM: dinner at Heng Ji Taiwanese Hotpot (
8:00PM: Redbucks @ Jianghu Bar

Followed by a reply from Jeff Orcutt:

Kinda sucks that my band has a show on the same night then...

Translation: music tonight!

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