Monday, January 10, 2011

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Hsing-hui vs. Brian in a death match next weekend

On Friday Maggie, Robb and I went to a Beijing Ducks game to watch Stephen Marbury lead Foshan to a huge loss. Seriously, they got blown out. (Ducks won -- sorry for any conclusion). But the highlight of the game was, definitely, Sun Mingming, the Ducks' seven-foot-eight-inch (or something) giant who came on in the fourth quarter and saw a 37-some point lead get reduced to about 15 (take these numbers with a grain of salt ... I was drunk and only remember that the Ducks had 99 points after three quarters but finished the game with about 105, yet still won handily).

Ellen's birthday was Saturday, which is why a group of us went to Jazz-ya. Jim, Nina and Ellen continued their night at renovated Bar Blue, while Kirby went to the Den to watch football until the early morning.

Sunday night / Monday at 2 a.m., Kirby and I watched the Chiefs lose to Baltimore from the Den. We will probably be there again tomorrow for the college football championship game.

The Ravens (HHH) now face the Steelers (Brian Marterer's team) in what promises to be a game to the death. Start taking your bets now. A tale of the tape:

Brian: Male
HHH: Female
Advantage: Brian

Brian: Head of steel
HHH: Heart of gold
Advantage: Brian

Brian: Older
HHH: Younger
Advantage: HHH

Brian: Likes to laugh
HHH: Takes pleasure in ripping hearts out of chests
Advantage: HHH

Brian: Savvy
HHH: Reckless
Advantage: Brian

Brian: Breath of glory
HHH: Glare of death
Advantage: HHH

Brian: Beef jerky
HHH: Rawhide
Advantage: Even

Advantage: Even

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