Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Media coverage in both City Weekend and the Beijinger

City Weekend (that's my quote):

Ultimate Frisbee

Beijing Ultimate plays every Sunday afternoon at Dulwich or ISB and every Wednesday evening at another outdoor location (TBD). There are also four different expat and local co-ed club teams in various parts of the city, a summer league and lots of competitions around China and Asia. The 2010 China Open, China’s biggest Frisbee competition, will be held in Beijing May 15-16. The Frisbee community also regularly holds social events and is described by one member as “the funnest expat group in the city.”

Beijing Ultimate (Web: www.beijingultimate.com); China Open (Web: www.zhongguofeipan.com)

The Beijinger:

Ultimate Frisbee
Weekly pickup sessions are held at multiple locations at various times during the week. Expats are encouraged to attend Big Brother club team practices on Sundays at Dulwich College (players meet in front of Ginza Mall at Dongzhimen at 11 a.m. to carpool). Currently, Beijing Ultimate Committee leaders are busy organizing China Open, a national tournament to be held in Beijing on May 15-16. Those interested in Ultimate should contact… well, me, anthonytao13@gmail.com.

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