Monday, March 29, 2010

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Beijing dominates Shenzhen

Beijingers, near-past and current, in Shenzhen for the hat tournament:

Tao: captained team to victory

Alicia: female MVP

Bill: male MVP

Doc: team in finals

Lincoln: had a good time

Tao's team lost three times in the round-robin games by a combined four points (while beating Doc's team 7-3 and Lincoln's team 11-3). Then they beat Amos's team, previously unbeaten, 8-6 in the semis, and won the finals 7-5 vs. Doc's team, which went 0-5 in round robin. (Scores might be slightly off, but it was a two-point victory in both semis and finals.)

Doc getting faked out by backhand:


Facebook album of pictures here, CUPA's write-up here, and more pictures here (from Hong Ly).

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