Monday, April 12, 2010

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Margarita party and Big Brother meeting

Well, these weekend roundups are getting a bit repetitive. What happened over the weekend? Let's see... party... drinking... bat-shit crazy stuff.

Although this weekend wasn't that bad, despite the fact that some people were drinking tequila straight out of a bottle after drinking margaritas all night. The basic premise of a margarita party: different people make margaritas in different ways; drinkers vote for best; that's it. You double-fist when necessary, then chug the bad stuff and refill with the new. Sometimes "new" is simply "the one I like," but you still have duties to try margaritas from every station, so as a result... yea.

Like I said, not AS much bad stuff happened this weekend, though it could have. Or it did. Who knows anymore?

Also, Big Brother held its second meeting of the year after pickup/practice on Sunday. The purpose of the meet-up was to get everyone pumped up again for the season, especially Shanghai Open in the first weekend of June. Workouts and throwing on the side is a must. If this is to be the year of Big Brother, individuals must commit and follow through. Let's make it happen, guys and gals.

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