Friday, July 16, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: Art of getting sloshed on weekdays: Tuesday trivia and Wednesday wine

Tuesdays really are the new Friday, as the hosts of Tuesday night trivia at Souk Lounge like to say. But seriously, if we drink any more on Tuesdays, I'm going to go on a cleanse. Also, I'm officially quitting baijiu. You won't be seeing this or this anytime soon -- hopefully ever again (I mean the baijiu, not the people in those pictures). Not -- SHUDDER -- this, and no more of the baijiu game (although this technically stopped a while back).

Tuesday, 8 pm, Souk Lounge (Chaoyang Park West Gate). It's the place to be.

Our picture(s) of the week comes courtesy of Chirona, who, along with a dozen or so others, attended Black Sesame Kitchen's half-price Wednesday deal. We had a 10-course dinner, including dessert, for 150 kuai. Candice Lee, who works at Black Sesame, had been trying to get us to eat there for a long time, and though it was belated, we were happy to oblige.

Oh, wine was all-you-can-drink.


More pictures from that night from Chirona's Facebook album.


Well, since Google Groups remains on the wrong side of the Great Firewall, emails will have to qualify. From me, yesterday:

Hi everyone,

This Sunday, an hour before summer league, Burn captain Jim Kirchhoff and a couple of his lady friends will be hosting a WOMEN'S CLINIC to teach basic skills of Ultimate.

ALL ladies of whatever skill level are encouraged to come, learn, play. There will be a women's game after the clinic. Sorry for the segregation, guys, but you're welcome as well! We'll run our own drills or play pickup on the adjacent field. (If there's enough interest among guys, we'll do a clinic as well.) Cost: free.

We will have a van leaving Dongzhimen McDonald's (subway exit C) at NOON. I will be at Dawanglu subway exit B at that same time directing car-poolers.

We're currently waiting on confirmation of a SECOND van to leave DZM at 1:30 pm [UPDATE: Confirmed, 1 pm]. Your captains will follow up with you. If you need to double-check, text or call me.

Regular summer league begins at 2 pm with Huck vs. Bid on Field 1, Pillage vs. Burn on Field 2.

And finally, a reminder that if you haven't already requested to join the Beijing Ultimate Google Groups listserv (because Google Groups is blocked in China), please email myself and/or Alicia,

Not that anything important ever gets written on that listserv anymore now that I'm using email... Betsy, please don't take offense.


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