Thursday, December 16, 2010

Calling all people with photos: the slideshow needs you

A message from Tao:

Beijing Ultimate,

It's that time again, where I go into hiding for a month to work on the Year-in-Review Slideshow.

To review, this is what I mean:



The list of people that appear in the 2009 slideshow is in a postscript. If you were in Beijing in 2009 and participated in Ultimate-related activities but are NOT on the list, it's because you failed to answer my call last year. Don't make the same mistake...

I am now accepting photos (and videos) for submission into this year's slideshow.

No guarantees that what you send will make the final product, but it will definitely be considered. Examples of good pictures are at the bottom.

I'd like this to be as comprehensive as possible, so Yan, Andy, Ken Su, etc., please pass this request to the relevant Hangtime and Bang people.

Obviously some people will be over-represented (Jim ... last year he led everyone with TK appearances) and some under, but I'll try my best to distribute according to some algorithm or other.

Feel free to point me to Facebook/Renren albums, etc. Steph and Ken, I've seen yours already, and I will be pulling photos from it (with source credit, of course). Mike Shyu, you sitting on another treasure trove?

I am also taking song recommendations.

Send away.

2009, in order of appearance:


Jeff Orcutt
Mark Scott
Doc Tobin
Kevin Reitz
Joe Pellicano
Michelle Tang
Sandy Wang
Anthony Tao
Lincoln Cheung
Big Brother
Perkin Chai
Ken Su
Amy Gardner
Casey Guo
Andrew Shen
Case of Tsingdao
Therese Mendez
Alicia Lui
Mike Shyu
Helen Shyu
Helen Lu
(Zoey Lee)
Jim Kirchhoff
Wang Bin
Happy Rat
Air Kazak
Beijing Bang
Larke Williams
Lassi Kokko
(Richie Liu)
(Edward Wang)
Qi Zhenjia
Steven Zhang
Yin Kong
Zhao Yu (Apple)
Feng Qi
(Candice Tse)
Candice Lee
Jehan Azad
Nick Liu
Kelly Yang
(Milan Alex)
Gareth Marshall
Yan Hao
Andy Young
Chris Boehner
Brian Marterer
Hsing-hui Hsu
Francis Chan
Aaron Leung
Tina "Pnut" Yen
Michael Chaitkin
Ellen Wong
Andrew "Baby Girl" Moffat
Lauren Reed
(Sara Udow)
Beijing Ultimate


Tina Xue
(Barbara Simeles)
Ryan Perez
(Mike "Nads" Narodovich)
Lin Lin
Kang Haiyan
Guy Sivan
Nicki Fung
Yao Guai (Nick Cheng)
(David "Blondie" Bergmark)
Jason Bergman
(Jon Greenberg)
(Nick Hatt)

Pat Li
Char Lam
Missy Rock
Duff Douglas
Laurene Desclaux
(Ebru Tekinturhan)
Mitch Moxley
Xie Yuhui
Chen Yunyun
Roger Liu
Zhi Jian (Xiaozhi)
Zhao Zhenming (Laozhao)
Zhang Huizi (Tracy)
Xiao Pang
Russell Young
Zahlen Titcomb
(Kat Velayo)
(Andrea Shaw)
Joel Rosen
Steph Kwan
Hao Yifan (Zhengzheng)

Ken Dry
Tory Hislop
Charlotte Chang
Margaret Sietsema
Sara Miller
(Andrea Chang)
(Rie Kimura)
(Miles Schneider)
(Caitlin McKimmy)
Marc Zeiger-Guerra
Veronica Lee
Talia Tay
(Phil Chien)
Liz Lin


Jesse Day
Wang Yao (Aurora)
John Wang
Cheris Chiu
Wang Yucheng
Helen Zhao
Luo Zhaoyuan
Fang Zhang
(NIC Alpert)
Greg Ericksen
(Ivan Xu)
(Carmen Tong)
(Kyndra Turner)
(Joei Calixto)
(Kristin Franke)
(Angela Bauer)
(Ness Fajardo)
(Panoy Delos Santos)
(Raquel Grape-Flores)
(Aya Larsen Su)
(Martin Butler)

(Dennell Reynolds)
Tom Rippe
(Warren Pottrill)
Nora Sluzas
(Emma Shyu)
Marshall Wang
(Angel Hsu)
(Reid Barrett)
(Julia Filip)
Donald De Bona

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