Monday, December 6, 2010

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Pink Party, Jump, Jive, and Super Quiz, Oh My!

On Friday select members of the Beijing Ultimate community went to this bar and bought pints and then growlers and got drunk ... off beer! For the first time in a long time. Then it was off to Zahlen's for the Pink Party, which proved horrendously fun as always, and someone may or may not have closed Chocolate.

On Saturday, after pickup, Mike and Helen (and Emma!) Shyu (but mostly Mike and Helen) hosted their annual Jump, Jive and hey someone kill the Turkey Already Thanksgiving dinner (their seventh time doing it, actually). Mike gave a heartfelt speech about the meaning of family and then we dug into the meal, which was so big everyone had leftovers. (A few days later the Shyus hosted another mini-feast to get rid of their leftovers). Pictures below provided by the estimable Kevin Reitz:

And finally, to top off a wild weekend, Jim and I hosted the Image round at the Beijinger's Super Quiz at Hard Rock Cafe. The Beijinger's write-up of the event is here, and this is a live blog from Beijing Boyce. Here's Jim during the first round:

Picture from tbj

This is more or less how our round ended (at the 51-second mark, you'll recognize a certain clip that appeared last Halloween; answer at the bottom):

And because we were up first, we spent the rest of the quiz night getting drunk on Tiger (then Stella) beer. Here we were at the end (yes, Jim is wearing that):

Picture from tbj

Answer: Remember this?

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