Monday, December 13, 2010

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Congratulations to Alicia, winner of Guangzhou Jumble Jumble

Beijing's Alicia Lui single-handedly led her "jumble" team to victory at the third Guangzhou Jumble Jumble Tournament. She is pictured on the far right, doing something with her hands.

Peach (aka Eileen), who has now lost in three straight finals in China Ultimate, including with Big Brother in Hong Kong, won finals MVP (in a losing effort, of course).

A jumble tournament is one in which several "mini-teams" play one another with other mini-teams. That doesn't make sense. There are eight "mini-teams," and each of the eight takes turns pairing up with other "mini-teams" to take on "teams." You get the idea? If not, it's your own damn fault. It's so delightfully complicated that we just may do such a thing here in Beijing in the spring.

The weekend also saw the return of Julia, for 24 hours only, give or take. A gang (Kevin, Ace, Cdice, Joe, Nestor...) partied it up with her on Saturday night at Yugongyishan in an 80s-themed event. Apparently it was a really decent time.

Contacted for comment, Kevin Reitz said, "It was pretty fun, I just wanted to hang out with Julia really."

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