Friday, May 20, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: China Nationals preview

Who will go home with this championship disc?

The 2011 China Nationals field:

Power Pool A Power Pool B
A1: Tianjin Big B1: Hong Kong
A2: CUG B2: Changsha
A3: Hangtime B3: Bang
A4: Shenzhen B4: Dalian

Pool C Pool D
C1: Air Kazak D1: Air Woo
C2: Tianjin Little D2: Tongzhou
C3: Tangshan D3: Xinjiang
C4: Bazinga D4: TEDA

Foreign Pool
F1: Big Brother
F2: Shanghai
F3: Guangzhou
F4: Henan
F5: Big Brother B

Registration party starts at 7:30 at Dreams Travel. All information about this weekend's tournament is here. Need I say more?


Tao to Big Brother listserv, 5/18:

Just to reiterate what Gareth mentioned at practice on Saturday: as hosts, we have the responsibility to be as warm, welcoming and supportive of our fellow Frisbee friends as possible. We'll be so humble that our humility will be as a boast. Please do what you can to make everyone -- especially those vassals from Hong Kong -- understand that Beijing is the greatest city in the world and we its greatest denizens.

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