Monday, May 23, 2011

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: China Nationals wrap-up

Congratulations to Hong Kong, winners of China Nationals 2011!

Tianjin Speed, the defending champs, lost 12-7 in the finals.

The biggest China Nationals ever saw 16 Chinese teams and five foreign teams compete. We'll have pictures, etc., posted on the official China Nationals website in the coming days.

The complete results:

Pool-play games:

TJ Big def. Hangtime 11-2
CUG def. Shenzhen 11-4

TJ Big def. Shenzhen 8-1
CUG def. Hangtime 9-2

TJ Big def. CUG 10-6
Hangtime def. Shenzhen 6-3

Hong Kong def. Bang 8-2
Changsha def. Dalian 5-4

Hong Kong def. Dalian 11-4
Bang def. Changsha 11-3

Changsha def. Hong Kong 6-4
Bang def. Dalian 9-4

Air Kazak def. Tangshan 10-6
Bazinga def. Tianjin Little 7-5

Air Kazak def. Bazinga 11-4
TJ Little def. Tangshan 9-4

Air Kazak def. TJ Little 11-5
Bazinga def. Tangshan 11-5

Air Woo def. Xinjiang 11-4
Tongzhou def. TEDA 7-3

Air Woo def. TEDA 11-2
Xinjiang def. Tongzhou 11-2

Air Woo def. Tongzhou 11-2
Xinjiang def. TEDA 10-2

Big Brother def. Tianjin Big 7-2
Shanghai vs. Changsha
Guangzhou def. CUG 5-2
Henan def. Hong Kong 6-5
Big Brother B tied Dalian 3-3

TJ Big def. Bang 10-3
Hong Kong def. CUG 11-3

Air Kazak def. Shenzhen 10-5
Air Woo def. Dalian 10-9

Changsha def. Bazinga 11-2
Hangtime def. Xinjiang (by DQ) (8-9)

Tianjin Little def. TEDA 4-1
Tongzhou def. Tangshan 11-6

Sunday seedings:
1. Tianjin Big
2. Hong Kong
3. CUG
4. Bang
5. Changsha
6. Hangtime
7. Air Kazak
8. Air Woo

C Bracket:
1. Dalian
2. Shenzhen
3. Xinjiang
4. Bazinga
5. Tianjin Little
6. Tongzhou
7. Tangshan

Tianjin Big def. Air Woo 11-1
Changsha def. Bang 6-3
CUG def. Hangtime 8-4
Hong Kong def. Air Kazak 11-1

Dalian def. TEDA 10-0
Tianjin Little def. Bazinga 8-4
Xinjiang def. Tongzhou 8-3
Shenzhen def. Tangshan 11-5

Tianjin Big def. Changsha 11-1
Hong Kong def. CUG 12-7

Tianjin Little def. Dalian 8-7
Shenzhen def. Xinjiang 10-6

CHINESE FINALS: Hong Kong def. Tianjin Big 12-7
C BRACKET FINALS: Tianjin Little def. Shenzhen ???

Consolation games:
Bang def. Air Woo 7-5
Air Kazak def. Hangtime 10-5

Air Kazak def. Bang 11-3

Bazinga def. Tongzhou 11-2
Tangshan def. TEDA 9-8

Pool-play games:

Big Brother def. Guangzhou 9-2
Big Brother def. Big Brother B (B3) 11-5
Big Brother def. Shanghai 8-4
Big Brother def. Henan 11-1
Guangzhou def. B3 8-6
Guangzhou def. Henan 8-7
Shanghai def. Guangzhou 6-5
Shanghai def. B3 9-8
Henan def. Shanghai 11-4
B3 def. Henan 8-6

Big Brother def. Henan 11-1
B3 def. Shanghai 9-8

FINALS: Big Brother def. B3 13-5

Consolation games:
Shanghai def. Henan 8-6

Guangzhou def. Air Woo 9-8
Guangzhou def. Hangtime 7-5

1. Hong Kong
2. Tianjin Big
3t. CUG
3t. Changsha
5. Air Woo (in place of Air Kazak)
6. Beijing Bang
7t. Air Kazak (swapped with Air Woo)
7t. Hangtime
9. Tianjin Little
10. Shenzhen
11t. Dalian
11t. Xinjiang
13. Bazinga
14. Tongzhou
15. Tangshan
16. TEDA

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