Monday, May 9, 2011

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Edward Wang's Tianjin wedding

Joe, Baby Girl, Kevin, Alicia, Lauren and I went to Tianjin this morning -- very early -- to attend Edward Wang's wedding. Kevin Reitz has a very full recap of the day here, in which he comments on my awesome suits, with some really nice pictures.

We went expecting a traditional Chinese wedding but instead got a bilingual American wedding. So it goes sometimes.

Below is a PICTURE BLOG, or whatever it is the kids call em these days.

Dashing people (clockwise from top left: Richie, Alicia, Baby Girl, Joe, Lauren, Kevin):

I hate weddings because of shit like this. These little twerps can barely walk, and they're throwing flower petals on the ground? WHAT IF THE BRIDE TRIPS? HAS ANYONE THOUGHT OF THESE CONTINGENCIES?

Nice suit, Mr. Groom. And the bride's looking good too.

The seesaw pics are winners:

There's more...

Then we went to the train station (Tanggu, that is).

Lauren: staying awake.

Lauren: fetal position.

And there you have it.

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