Friday, July 8, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: Summer league set to begin

The teams are set! The fifth annual Beijing Ultimate Summer League (BUSL) officially begins tomorrow (see below).


From the summer league draft that happened tonight:


In the words of Dean Moriarty, YES!

Tomorrow marks the exciting first week of the 2011 Beijing Ultimate Summer League. We are meeting at 12:45 pm in front of Ginza Mall on the southeast corner of Dongzhimen (Exit C from Line 2 subway). Vans will be first-come, first-serve, though we'll make sure spillovers get into cabs. No player left behind. Car-pooling is cheap and good for the environment. 15 rmb per ride (30 rmb round-trip).

If you insist on going by yourself, here are directions to the fields:

China Admin. of Sports for Persons with Disabilities (real grass fields).
Go on JingCheng Expressway (京承高速)heading northeast. Take Exit 6 (火沙路), then turn right. Go straight until you hit LuoMa Rotary ("roundabout," in Americanspeak). Exit roundabout at Tianbei Highway (天北路), then go straight until you pass ShunPing Lu (顺平路). Stay on the left once you pass this road. About 50 meters after you pass this road, you'll see a small white sign with brown writing: "China Admi. Sports for Persons with Disabilities" [sic]. You want to turn left here and keep going until you hit the entrance of the complex. Go straight after entering until you see the soccer field -- we're on the left side of it.

Expect it to be about 94 rmb from Dongzhimen, so arrange car-pooling accordingly. Save your receipt.

We play from 2 to 5 pm. Here is what you need for Week 1:

--WATER. There are no concessions, so bring WATER. Otherwise you will die.
--One white and one non-white shirt. Guessing you'll want short-sleeve.
--We're on grass, so feel free to pull out those cleats.
--Money: if you haven't paid me yet.

We'll let you know your team tomorrow.




- 水


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