Friday, July 15, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW: Ultimate Frisbee in Global Times

Wang Bin, Andrew Moffat, Leigh Bloomberg are only some of the many people quoted in Global Times' profile of Beijing Ultimate Frisbee. Here's an excerpt:

Tao commented: "When I arrived in 2008, ultimate Frisbee was pretty developed in Beijing. Although is still a small scene, it's definitely becoming more popular and despite the expat turnover we have a very good track record of new comers, people either like the sport or us."

Full article here.

Oh yeah, there's a wonderful picture of Big Brother on the second page.

Photo by Wang Zi, Global Times


Shanghai's Robin Xi on the Dalian Beach Tournament this weekend:

Hey guys,

I've got the English version of the Dalian Beach Ultimate recently, but don't have much time for internet access recently, so here's the information in the attachment. How many players do you think will go for it this July 23-24th? I'm really not sure if I will go for it but if there's enough players in for it from Shanghai, I would love to go and have some sandy catches.

- Sorry Wang, I've been travelling around Shanghai and Zhejiang recently intensively and don't have much time taking care of my emails. There was some 20+ players from Shanghai expressed that they were interested for the Dalian Beach Ultimate during our Spring League, but since I forward the invitation from Dalian to the SUPA, there has not been any response. As I know, there are many of the Shanghai players are leaving for home during the summar and most of thought the Beach Ultimate was going to be in August as we learned from last year's Dalian Tourney, until you told us the dates about week ago. So, I guess there are some misunderstanding of the dates and many people are already on vacations. But anyways, I think we'll still have a Shanghai team coming for the Dalian Ultimate Tourney this September.

Best wishes,

I guess the important part of this post is: Dalian Beach Tournament is this weekend. No one is going. Saddie face.

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