Friday, March 27, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: Countdown to Tianjin: one week

Preparation for the April 4 Tianjin tournament continues. Word is there'll be a large party bus shuttling folks to and from Tianjin, which means this year's tourney promises to be more fun than last time. (Also, Shanghai's coming, meaning there may be 10 teams playing four games each.)


From Helen Lu

These two from Happy Rat completely defy words:

air kazak

hey all
this is hapyrat maybe not but i m not represent myself today i speak for kazak .
tmrw is our birthday 2 years we gonna (celebrate) it .
hope you guys join us it is gonna be awesome.
you will see a new champion team ...
ho ho
tomorrow 1 pm at min zu da xue .
contact person ( nurbek ) 13426444110
he will pick you up when you get trouble around there.

by the way i m in tibet now still working on air tibet no one knows what's tomorrow
but i can give you my word you will shoked by air (????) some day .
and on china open we gonna send two teams maybe 3 ( air kazak team A and B , and our air brounch -------air woo from WU HAN . CHINA )
those guys gonna kick your ass

any quesetion just dianhua me ....



come on check it out your presedent is on my side .....

check it out you will find your right presedent :

a hamble player who befor he became the presedent of the most powerful country of the world he was in air kazak ...

if i were u i would say shut up happyrat.....shut up

what do you say ?

I will be profoundly disappointed if these posts don't get multiple replies.

This Happy Rat, by the way.

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