Monday, March 2, 2009

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Part 2: Introducing Mrs. Kevin... and battle caps

Therese Mendez, Kevin's girlfriend we've been hearing so much about, finally turned up over the weekend. She's with Kevin in the below picture, ON THE LEFT (I already can't tell the two apart).

Kevin called a BCD (Boozy Chinese Dinner) in her honor at our regular BCD place in Guijie (the dining street of Beijing near Dongzhimen... I suppose if you don't live here that clarifies exactly nothing). It started a bit slow but then I threw a bottle cap at someone's glass, because that's how I roll, and that started a chain reaction -- and the night, one could say. Soon Kevin hit three of four on me, forcing me to chug three glasses of beer (a bit too quickly), and then Mike Shyu took these videos:

At the very end of the second video, it's Therese finishing what Kevin can't: throwing a cap into my beer. And Chris Boehner at the 38-second mark delivers the money quote: "This is what every BCD turns into."

This was, of course, before we asked the fuwuyuan (server) to bring us 10 beers -- big bottles of Yangjing -- followed a couple minutes later with, "You know what... just bring us a case." Repeated several times.

One of the fuwuyuans got into the game, too, dropping a couple caps in Boehner's beer (she had a crush on him, like half the Asian girls in this city). Then she scooped up caps from other rooms and started bringing them to us him.

We made a rule that if at any time you didn't drink fast enough and were caught with two caps in your glass, you'd have to drain a bottle. This unleashed furies unseen since the days of the Greek. Soon there was mayhem. Disaster unbound. Shouting and pointing and back-stabbing (Alicia...) and total ignorance of how to play the game from Sandy. Glasses clinked, caps crossed mid-flight, Joe's competitiveness flared. Not really sure how to describe this except to repeat that this is what every BCD turns into. Eventually Joe flung bottles -- bottlessss -- into the wall, where they shattered, and then he lost his jacket in Sanlitun.

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