Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Frisbee golf story from this past weekend

When you tee off from atop a large rock, there's really no place to go but down.

Unless, of course, you build up.

Frisbee golf players will do anything to retrieve a disc, including swim in nasty lakes (done it) and tiptoe across slippery strips of land (and check).
This, however, takes the cake.

When Jeff, playing from the north entrance of Chaoyang Park, threw his dics into the inside of a large overhanging sign, his initial thought was to find a very long stick. And then Jim spotted materials on the ground to build a scaffolding with, and the result...

...was unexpectedly awesome, considering this was an alcohol-driven decision.

Jeff climbed atop...

...and voila!

Afterwards -- after many more beers, with shots -- Jim and Jeff fought outside 3.3 in Sanlitun. Ask one of them to tell you the story.

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