Friday, July 31, 2009


It's often been said that Beijing is a transient community, where people come and go with the seasons. Very few stay for more than a year, and those who do leave eventually as well, as Reid and Julia last winter, and Jason Cox before that.

Still, knowing this reality and accepting it doesn't fill the void of each new departure, such as that of Tina Yen, known to all as Pnut, who recently wrapped up a nine-month stay in China and left for New York to begin a Masters program in Chinese history at Columbia University. She's the one pictured in the far right wearing the teal tank top.

On Sunday we had a BCD for her, and on Tuesday, after pickup, a small group of us ate at a chuar bar before pounding some whiskey and tequila and going to Chocolate, the Russian dance club near Ritan Park. If you don't remember, this is Chocolate -- and, incidentally, also a character sketch of Pnut (like this one), though really of the former Pnut, before she met Phil. The doormen wouldn't let us bring in any tequila so Jim, Pnut and I each took three swigs and handed them an empty bottle.

Pnut got home and proceeded to not pack -- passing out instead -- so that when her cousin knocked on the door the next morning she was groggy, drunk and/or hung over, and definitely not ready to leave. That's a Beijing farewell if ever there were one.

We'll miss you, Pnut!

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