Friday, July 10, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: Summer league draft

Summer league captains met after Tuesday night pickup to draft teams in Nanluoguxiang, and it was quite the time. In the end, four good, more or less evenly strengthened teams were chosen, with everyone happy with their selections. Now we wait for the games to begin (this Sunday, in case you've lost track).

PICTURES OF THE WEEK: From the 2009 summer league draft on Tuesday at Backward Bar in Nanluoguxiang:

Jeff Orcutt, moderator

Kelly and Mike

Kevin and Alicia

Margaret and Tao

Candice and Xiaozhi


Betsy returns with one of her finer performances, 7/7/09:

friendly neighborhood beijingers,

betsy has been watching you all, very, very closely. and with the possible exception of joe, you all have no excuse. none. inexcusable. excuses, excuses. that’s all betsy hears. well you are not excused. it’s all i’m too fat this, or i’ve got a girlfriend now that, or i’m too busy playing with myself and my shiny new mandolin. that’s crap. get out there and play some disc people.

WEEKLY ITEM #1: The Weekly Schedule

Every Tuesday, Pick Up, 8-10, Deshengmen

Every Sunday, Beijing Ultimate Summer League, 3-6, Happy Valley

tao will be this year’s jeff. please register all complaints, loudly and frequently, directly to tao. he will deal with them swiftly and smiling. oh yes, he will, if he knows what’s good for him.


now is the time in the weekly email when betsy gives her weekly shout outs and call outs. remember, you want to get shouted out, but you don't want to get called out.

a shout out to aaron, charlotte and doc. betsy thanks you for making beijing a brighter, lovelier, more enjoyable place to be. when you abandoned it for potlatch.

a call out to lightning. everybody knows you can carry an electric current of 300 kiloamperes and release 5 gigajoules of energy (giggity) at your slightest whim, but must you do it between 3 and 6 pm on sundays near happy valley from june to september? we like to play frisbee at those times. thanks.

a shout out to aide. who’s a good girl? who’s a good puppy? you are. you are a cute little puppy wuppy. yes you are. yes you are just the cutest widdle ugh betsy’s going to vomit.

a call out to bunny. you better start acting cute and fast. there’s a new adorable animal in town and who’s in danger of being turned into rabbit stew? you are. yes you are just the most delicious of the frisbee-related pets when enjoyed with carrots, potatoes and some paprika.

a shout out tao. as previously noted, tao’s the new jeff, but not in the semi-permanent-shout-out-status-thanks-for-everything-you-do way. more like, we’re watching your every more, waiting for the slightest misstep upon which we can pounce like so many lonely bachelors upon his mom. please don’t disappoint.

a call out to jeff. you thought you could just slide by? no ma’am, your free ride is over. why don’t you go arrange an awards party or something, it’s been a while since you’ve done something useful.

a shout out to beijing defending it’s championship in singapore. the betsy all-star team is sure to dominate as it has in the past.

WEEKLY ITEM #2: Summer League Update

it goes without saying that kevin’s team will clearly be the favorite to win both 2008 and 2009 busl championships. however, this year is sure to be full of surprises and suspense. new talent has flooded the scene making the results of tonight’s draft particularly exciting. some questions to ponder while awaiting team announcements tomorrow.

will kelly and mike, relative newcomers to the captaining world, change the face of busl after coming off an impressive china nationals with bang?

will longtime resident cdice and hangtime star xiao zhi gel to challenge their big brother led opponents?

will margaret and tao work out an elaborate and needlessly complicated array of potential draft outcomes to simulate every conceivable result thus statistically guaranteeing victory, only to have tao relapse on a baijiu binge and boot all over his laptop?

will alicia and kevin be drunk before the draft begins?


WEEKLY ITEM #3: Lunch time Poll

beijing is alive with love, and the frisbee community is finally getting some action. which of these new couples makes you the least sick?

a) taolicia – since they have never touched each other in public, betsy is only assuming they are actually a couple.

b) kevace – the massages don’t leave much to the imagination. at least she’s never been seen giving him one, which makes it a little easier to stomach.

c) charloc – just the name makes betsy throw up a little. does he sit around with a pipe wearing only a smoking jacket, telling her it’s elementary my dear?

d) barbinghui – they do look awfully cute together, although they are arguably the most openly affectionate.

cast your votes!


and finally, your moment of zen, a retrospective look at the evils of baijiu.

catch you on the field,

Chirona returns!

Clearly I still read Betsy's e-mails every week since Providence just isn't as exciting as Beijing Ultimate. For all the new people this summer who don't know me, I've made the album visible to everyone, so enjoy! Thanks for the facebook messages though!

Here's the link again:

You should all thank Betsy for reminding you of such evils as drinking lots of Baijiu is definitely a poor choice, right Tao?

Missing Beijing and Betsy,

Runner-up post -- and this could ONLY have been written by this girl:

Found a kitty in the rain
Hey Beijing Ultimate,

I found a kitty in the rain yesterday. Its about 3 months I think. It's a super adorable little boy, white and orange, and loves to cuddle. I think it was abandoned because when I found it, it looked as though it had been out for a while. Thanks to Barbie, my super excellent cat friendly neighbor, I was able to bathe it and now its fur is super nice and purdy.

Unfortunately, it has an eye infection that seems to be getting worse. The over the counter eye meds for pets that I bought I think further aggravated the eye and I'm terribly concerned for the kitty. More importantly, I have a bunny that needs to pass its health inspection and so I have to keep the two separate and watch them very carefully. Being a double duty mommy is tough so I'm appealing to the Beijing Ultimate community for help.

If anyone knows of a) a loving soul - permanent or temp home, b) cheap but reliable vet in the xizhimen area or c) a no-kill shelter or rescue, please let me know.


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