Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hang Time and Ultimate Frisbee in China Daily

Really not sure how I missed this last month, considering it was linked off, but Hang Time got in touch with the right people at China Daily (or vice versa) and this was the result:

Ultimate word in speed and stamina

A disc, a field, and eight cones. They can capture the imagination of all ages.

Entering the Chinese mainland nearly a decade ago, Ultimate Frisbee is fast becoming a big hit. A growing number of players gather at the Peking University every Saturday to indulge in its thrills.

For players in the Beijing Ultimate Frisbee, the "ultimate" is no longer a leisurely toss across the beach, but more of a competitive sport. It has graduated from a robust and entertaining beach activity to a highly competitive sport, over the past few years.

"It is really taking off," says 30-year-old Zhao Bin who has been playing since the age of 23. "It's a simple sport to get into. Unlike most other sports, it only requires a disc and space."

Not bad.

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