Monday, August 3, 2009

WEEKEND ROUNDUP, part 1: Nerdiness

Sometimes Beijing Ultimate enjoys going to the mall on Friday night and playing Settlers of Catan for three hours, or playing Jenga inside a noisy bar.

No, seriously.

About Catan: Kevin was going to win on his turn unless Lincoln, who goes before him, could get Aaron -- his childhood friend and (probably) long lost (twin) brother -- to trade him a few woods and bricks so that he could win. We decided it'd only be fair if Lincoln and Kevin had a chug-off to determine the winner.

Here's how it went down:

Between the Catan game and the Jenga, drummer extraordinaire Kevin Reitz showed off his new band, Lan Daotian, at a cozy bar called the Hot Cat Club, tucked away in a hutong near Beixingqiao and the Lama Temple. This is them playing on Saturday, along with pictures of his fan club and the lovely Alicia:

Well done, good sir. If you're unfamiliar, this isn't the first time Kevin's played for the crowds.

We'll have a video up in the second part of Weekend Roundup. (Update: here)

POSTSCRIPT: Jenga -- minutes of entertainment!

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