Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RETROSPECTIVE: The Shoes' magic

Retrospective has just moved to Wednesdays. New time, same place.

Mike Shyu and Ken Su teamed up this past Sunday and recreated their magical chemistry or whatever it is they've got going, making it to the finals of another tournament (and winning!). Catcher in the Sky was 1-4 during the regular season, but all that matters is they went 2-0 on Sunday.

It reminded us of the China Nationals tournament in May, when Ken and Mike led Beijing Bang to an unexpected 2nd-place finish, beating 2-seed Shenzhen in quarters and the 3-seed, defending champion Air Kazak, in semis before falling to 1-seed Hong Kong.

Here's your reminder that yes, it did happen, because in sports you never know what might happen.

And your reminder that Balance's video of this game is now live.

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