Thursday, August 6, 2009

China United Ultimate Party prepares for Singapore

The Singapore tournament is this weekend, and Beijing is well represented as half of the Beijing-Shanghai C.U.U.P. team. Everything from cheers ("We ... C--.... U.... P....!") to jerseys have been arranged. All that's left is to win.

Oh, and costumes for the party, themed "Freedom." We in the China United Ultimate Party have decided to go our own way with this.

An email from Beijing's Ken Su, dated Tuesday, 6/4, subject: Action Required for all members of C.U.U.P. - An organisation dedicated to the Preservation of the Ultimate Harmonious Society:


Please respond to this email tonight or latest torrow morning as I am procuring everything tomorrow afternoon for everyone (Trudy, are you sure you don't want anything?).

I have checked out a number of sources and I think within our budget we can do the following:
- Green hat with red star
- Green tank top with red star (for ladies) and Green T-shirt with red star (for men)
- Choice of green/camo cloth belt with metal buckle or black pocket/hip flask with red hammer and sickle logo.

The total cost of this would be Rmb75 (ie. A shade over US$10).

Other potential items which would be cool but would cost extra:
- Replica rifle machine gun with extended stock that shoots rubber sticky darts for supression minor rebellions (Rmb120)
- Replica handgun that shoots rubber sticky darts to supress even smaller rebellions (Rmb50)
- Plastic sub-machine gun which makes machine gun noises to scare protestors (Rmb35)
- Plastic army knife (Rmb10)

Also, negotiated specially for Milan - full helmet interior padding with two visors - one clear and one shaded. Green with red star. Rmb150.

(1) I need a response for your approximate size for buying the clothing and hat or I will have to guess (which is tough as some of us haven't met).
(2) I also need a response for whether you prefer a belt or a hip flask.

Please let me know if you want any of the optional items and I will buy those for you as well.



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