Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WEEKEND ROUNDUP, part 2: Kevin, Kevin, Kevin

Bottom right: Miles and Caitlin, passing through town

A note about summer league:

On Field 2, Hello Sexy engineered a stunning comeback against Alph the Sacred River, erasing deficits of 4-0, 7-3, 10-6 and 11-7 to win on Universe Point.

On Field 1, Alchemy and Catcher in the Sky battled for nearly two hours, with Alchemy ahead most of the day, before also going to Universe at 10-10. Catcher's Ray Xi appeared to snatch a game-winning Callahan over Kevin before a controversial call kept the disc in Alchemy's possession. Red would eventually turn the disc against Catcher's zone, only to get it back on Alicia's layout D. Kevin's backhand huck to Marshall through the cup won it for the league's top team.

But let's talk about that call. How controversial was it? Well, after Kevin saw the video on Monday night, he couldn't sleep.

Seriously, he went to bed and couldn't sleep, so he logged back online to say he couldn't sleep.

This video:

For those in China who can't access YouTube, here it is in Youku.

This was Kevin's post on Google Groups the day after:

Damn. Well, it wouldn't have been a callahan, but i should have rescinded the call... i learned later that vertical space is no longer a foul call. Sick D Ray. Awesome game Catchers.

But a win is a win. Updated standings:

Alchemy, 3-1, +11
Hello Sexy, 3-1, +3
Catcher in the Sky, 1-3, -6
Alph the Sacred River, 1-3, -8

POSTSCRIPT 1: Another video, for the hell of it, from Week 3 of summer league:

POSTSCRIPT 2: As promised, here are videos of Kevin rocking out on the drums on Saturday at Hot Cat Club. Hope this cheers you up some, Kev.

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