Monday, August 10, 2009

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Exhausted and sunburnt

CUUP did not win Singapore Open, but it got medals...

...for winning B pool.

Sunken Pleasure and Disk Knights, who came out of CUUP's pool into the A bracket, both made semifinals.

More later. For now, check our sister site, China Ultimate, and find yourself humored by Ken Su:

Date: Aug. 6, 2009
Subject: C.U.U.P. - Armament and Supplies Procurement Department Report ...

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and following Milan/Tao's eating suggestions (myself I had a healthy bit of airport KFC for breakfast - may be a couple days late according to the schedules but I will consider it part of the protein loading piece).

I am pleased to report that the gear for Saturday is now all sorted and is now fully smuggled past customs into Singapore. It was a bit hairy at the Beijing airport this afternoon - the post-911 airport security world is apparently also on full alert cracking down on plastic toy guns and plastic toy knives (oddly enough I don't think these had showed up on the initial bag X-ray as they are all plastic, but the 15 metal flasks did catch a lot of attention leading to a full luggage search where the guns got flagged by some supervisor). Thankfully as with all things in China after long discussions, negotiation fatigue set in and the supervisor actually got some personal phone call and the junior security staff basically decided they were ok provided I promised not to take them out of my bag and threaten people on the plane with them. As luck would have it, the Singaporean customs authority also caught them on scanner on the way out of the airport and the detail oriented Singaporeams insisted on checking each and every flask to confirm they weren't already filled with alcohol or drugs (strangely enough they never bothered to check my two nalgene bottles which have probably more total volume than the flasks for bringing in alcohol).

I got the most applicable sizes for hats, shirts, and tank tops based on the emails received. As well, all requests for belt/flask were filled in accordance with emails also. Hopefully everyone is happy with their loot as I am not sure if we will have time to set up any Customer Service Feedback Desk for complaints or return requests.

Final cost is slightly less than originally quoted for the basic package so Rmb68 is good for the basic package. For those who ordered extra things and those who already had their own shirt, the prices are as follows for you to add or deduct as appropriate from the Rmb68 basic fee:
- T-shirt (Rmb25)
- Plastic gun that shoots darts (Rmb25)
- Plastic Knife (Rmb10)
- Belt (Rmb23)
- Flask (Rmb23)
- Plastic gun that makes shooting noises (Rmb25)
- Goggles (Rmb25)

Distributions and disbursements on Friday in the party dorm room.

Fly safe and see you all soon.


Also, congratulations to Andrea Cheng, Aaron's girlfriend, who was selected for the tourney's all-star team. Considering there were 24 teams, being recognized as one of the three best women all weekend -- amid awesome female players, if I may add -- is impressive and worthy of a picture.

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  1. No, Beijing did not win the tournament, but we did keep Shanghai from winning. Victory-ish!