Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yet another farewell upcoming

Lincoln Cheung, pictured below, writing on Google Groups:

Im leaving this thursday afternoon!

So, lets eat hotpot and get drunk so I get to spend the majority of the flight sitting on the bathroom.

Lets say Wednesday at 8 o clock - hotpot on guijie - i forget the name of the restaurant, but its the one that is about 2 restaurants away from beixinqiao subway station, on the north side of the road.

As i am aware that might not be the easiest to find, you can give me a call at 152 0129 8129.

if you could throw me an email on whether or not you're coming i will make reservations. thanks !

hugz and kissez


POSTSCRIPT: Kevin Reitz in reply:

After that, let the party roll into Mao Livehouse on Gulou Dong Dajie. My band, Lan Daotian, is playing some funky grooves and jams at about 10pm. It's probably a 20RMB cover or some crap.

Many of you came to my inaugural gig with these guys at the Hot Cat Club... see these videos.

Here's your chance to check us out after we've actually practiced together!


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