Friday, August 28, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW, part 1: Yes, this happened

For those accessing this blog in China with a proxy that doesn't stream the video, copy this URL --
-- into a regular browser and watch at your leisure. For those in the U.S. who find that Youku is blocked... you have no idea what you're missing. Every episode of every season of 24! Entire movies! Entire WWE PPV events! Amazing copyright infringements that, if this were a morally punishable offense, would condemn millions to Purgatory for at least dozens of months!

More from Kevin's band's performance here.



Betsy takes the honors, 8/28:


this is a sad time for betsy. she appreciates all your heartfelt and sincere thoughts in this trying, trying time. besty realizes you all look up to her and see her as your inspiration, as your leader, as your nurturing, yet firm, guide through this journey as you shed your fledgling self and spread your glorious wings amid Her bright, warm, inviting light. yeah, she gets all that. the presents you’ve lavished upon her made it abundantly clear, as did the bundles of cash.

but unless you can make lincoln return, none of you are safe from her grief-induced wrath.

WEEKLY ITEM #1: The Weekly Schedule

Every Tuesday, Pick Up, 8-10, Deshengmen

Every Sunday, Pick Up, 3-6, Happy Valley


WEEKLY ITEM #2: Upcoming Tournaments

Sept 19-20: Dalian Tournament in Dalian, China.
Oct 25-26: Hong Kong in Hong Kong, China.
Oct 31-Nov 1: Boracay Beach Tournament in Boracay, Philippines.
Nov 5: Worlds Qualifier in Manila
Nov 6-8: Manila Spirits in Manila, Philippines.

if you are planning to go to any of these tournaments and haven’t alerted the likely captains, do so now. teams are forming up quickly.

lincoln may be at manila so in betsy’s mind, there is only one tournament left this year. it will be tropical and it will be raining dolla bills and betsy hopes to get supermanned in boracay.


now is the time in the weekly email when betsy gives her weekly shout outs and call outs. remember, you want to get shouted out, but you don't want to get called out.

a shout out to jim and jehan. betsy loves when little men cram themselves into tight, dirty spaces.

a call out to tao and margaret. it is rumored that all the summer league captains made a wager before the summer league party: if a member of your team is the first to boot, you must turf the first disc on sunday. both tao and margaret booted, failed to follow the terms of the wager, and were smacked down by karma thusly to a finish even lower than 4th place: Called Out 4th Place.

a shout out to kevin. you are a rock diety, like pegasus or mc hammer. you make betsy want to shoop.

a call out to the wu crew. move closer to dong zhi men. it will be easier on all of us. especially on those of us that want you closer to dong zhi men.

a shout out to joe. partial nudity at beijing ultimate gatherings has risen 21% since your return. keep up the good work.

a house-keeping call out to CUUP. ugh. betsy’s brain throws up a little when she thinks about you people. at least you were able to take shanghai down with you.

a shout out to body shots. betsy declares all future body shots must be done off hairless people. she spent half the night hacking up jims nipple hairs. *shudder*

a call out to alchemy. you turned lead into poop. you should have stayed home and got philosopher stoned instead.

a shout out to hello sexy. hello sexy.

a call out to alfred, the monkey butler. wow. all of beijing joins betsy as we collectively shake our heads in your general direction.

a shout out to catcher in the sky. sure, you could have made it easy on yourself and guaranteed victory by choosing the betsy-original “a markbreaking huck of staggering genius” as your team name, but betsy gives respect to you for persevering under such harsh team name conditions. unclever people need the most reassurance.


after the beijing ultimate summer league dinner and tequila shots at sandy's cousin's bar, apparently the redbucks played a thrilling show at gingkos, two blazing sets of bluegrass with stunning performances from beijing ultimate residents chris, amy, and chip. later they let the one drop with some tight reggae to round out the night. it was quite possibly the most electrifying concert to hit beijing since avril lavigne last tour. no member of beijing ultimate who was in the crowd remembers any of it, though a few of them remember booting later.


WEEKLY ITEM #3: Lunch Time Poll
betsy learned this week that doc is trying out a new nickname. she likes “pg” but thinks it needs to carry a deeper, more descriptive meaning than Picasso girl. which of the following meanings is most appropriate:

a) post-modern gaylord

b) pansy growth

c) putrid gas

d) petite groin

cast your votes!

and finally, your moment of zen…

catch you on the field,

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