Monday, December 7, 2009

WEEKEND ROUNDUP, part 2: Ken Dry, we'll be seeing ya

Ken, the man on the right in the pic above, seen with his girlfriend Steph and Jim on Friday night, has departed for South Carolina.

It's this blog's opinion that nothing good ever happens in South Carolina, but Ken's gone to finish some important and worthwhile work, and when he returns it might be for good.

Until then, godspeed.


Saturday was Adam's housewarming / Nicki Fung's birthday party at Adam's apartment near Chaoyang Park. Lots of people went, and at least one girl showed up wasted beyond recognition, resulting in hilarity and embarrassment. Afterwards some people went to Fu Bar, which just may become Beijing Ultimate's new classy hangout, as opposed to Chocolate, which will always be our sordid hangout / exactly where we're gonna end up this Saturday after Lauren's going-away pink party, because there's only one good way to send someone off: with naked dancers and vodka. Can't wait.

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