Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big Brother club team meeting

Big Brother had a meeting tonight, attended by Jim, Joe, Jeff, Alicia, Gareth, Sandy, Baby Girl, Candice, Ellen, Mike Shyu, Mike Chaitkin and Triple H, with me on G-talk, Brian and Kevin there in spirit, and non-Frisbee players/non-Beijingers Ben, Jazz and Helen Shyu.

Jim and Gareth were selected as captains for the upcoming season. Congrats to both of them.

Players who would like to play for Big Brother need to commit to the team and in response Big Brother will commit to you. It was decided the team would not have cuts, though playing time, of course, is never guaranteed.

Big Brother will attend at least three tournaments as a team. Shanghai in early June is a definite. The other two will be voted on, but it likely will be Hong Kong in October and Manila in November. (Singapore in August and Jeju in May are also possibilities.)

All in all it was a productive night.

POSTSCRIPT: A couple pictures from the party Tuesday night:

That's bacon and grits in the pan there.

Thanks to Steph for cooking and Matt for bringing way too much bacon than any artery should be able to handle. We finally finished all the bacon the next night.

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